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Zhang, S
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Zhang, S


ShuZhang,male, born in 1969,  obtained PhD from IHEP in 1997 and then became a faculty of IHEP after graduation. He visited MPE, CERN and Columbia University for long term as scholarships of a visitor and a research scientist.
Areas of Research: High energy astrophysics, especially in data analysis
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Working on the emission mechanism and data analysis of high energy astrophysics.  Also has participated in several large international projects: COMPTEL on board CGRO, the next generation of COMPTON telescope LXeGRIT, the first Chinese astronomical satellite HXMT and its next generation XTP; currently leads a group to make progress in probing the puzzles of the configuration of XRB disk/corona and of the emission mechanism of the gamma-ray XRBs.  Also he is organizing and coordinating research groups for handling the issues of HXMT calibrations and of the possible sciences that will be dressed and explored by XTP.

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