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Beam Dynamics Study in the HEPS Storage Ring 会议论文
Proceedings of the 10th International Particle Accelerator Conference, Australia, 2019
Authors:  Y. Jiao;  X. Cui;  Z. Duan;  Y.Y. Guo;  P. He;  X.Y. Huang;  D. Ji;  H.F. Ji;  C. Li;  J.Y. Li;  X.Y. Li;  C. Meng;  Y.M. Peng;  Q. Qin;  S.K. Tian;  J.Q. Wang;  N. Wang;  Y. Wei;  G. Xu;  H.S. Xu;  F. Yan;  C.H. Yu;  Y.L. Zhao
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Status of HEPS Lattice Design and Physics Studies 会议论文
Proceedings of the 13th Symposium on Accelerator Physics, Proceedings of the 13th Symposium on Accelerator Physics, Hunan,China, 2017
Authors:  Y.Jiao;  X.Cui;  Z.Duan;  Y.Y.Guo;  D.Ji;  J.L.Li;  X.Y.Li;  Y.M.Peng;  Q.Qin;  S.K.Tian;  J.Q.Wang;  N.Wang;  Y.Wei;  G.Xu;  S.Y.Xu;  F.Yan;  C.H.Yu;  Y.L.Zhao
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Candidate HEPS Lattice Design With Emittances Approaching the Diffraction Limit of Hard X-Rays 会议论文
Proceedings of the 8th International Particle Accelerator Conference, Denmark, 2017
Authors:  Y.Jiao;  S.Y.Chen;  G.Xu
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Candidate Lattice Design of the HEPS Booster Consisting of Combined-Function Dipoles 会议论文
Proceedings of the 8th International Particle Accelerator Conference, Denmark, 2017
Authors:  Y.Jiao;  Y.M.Peng;  G.Xu
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Progress of the Lattice Design and Physics Studies on the High Energy Photon Source 会议论文
Proceedings of the 8th International Particle Accelerator Conference, Denmark, 2017
Authors:  Y.Jiao;  X.Cui;  Z.Duan;  Y.Y.Guo;  D.Ji;  J.Y.Li;  X.Y.Li;  Y.M.Peng;  Q.Qin;  S.K.Tian;  J.Q.Wang;  N.Wang;  Y.Wei;  G.Xu;  H.S.Xu;  F.Yan;  C.H.Yu;  Y.L.Zhao
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Comparing the Performance of MOGA and MOPSO in Optimization of the HEPS Performance 会议论文
Proceedings of the 7th International Particle Accelerator Conference, Korea, 2016
Authors:  Y.Jiao;  G.Xu
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利用RCDS方法在线优化BEPCII对撞亮度的实验研究 会议论文
北京正负电子对撞机第十九届年会, 北京正负电子对撞机第十九届年会文集, 黑龙江·哈尔滨, 2014-08-21
Authors:  纪红飞;  焦毅;  于程辉;  季大恒;  王生
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Latest Design and Optimization of the PEPX-type Lattice for HEPS 会议论文
12th Symposium on Accelerator Physics, Lanzhou,China, 2014
Authors:  Y.Jiao;  G.Xu;  D.Ji
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探讨RCDS 方法在BEPCII 上的可能应用 会议论文
北京正负电子对撞机第十八届年会, 北京正负电子对撞机第十八届年会会议文集, 北京·怀柔, 2013-08-02
Authors:  焦毅
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DA Optimization Experiences in the Heps Lattice Design 会议论文
9th International Particle Accelerator Conference, Vancouver, BC, Canada, 2018
Authors:  Y. Jiao;  G. Xu
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