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GRB 200519A: Insight-HXMT/HE detection GCN
Authors:  Xiao, S;  Zheng, Y. G;  Cai, C;  Du, Y. F;  Xue, W. C;  Luo, Q;  Yi, Q. B;  Huang, Y;  Li, C. K;  Li, G;  Li, X. B;  Liao, J. Y;  Xiong, S. L;  Liu, C. Z;  Li, X. F;  Li, Z. W;  Chang, Z;  Zhang, A. M;  Zhang, Y. F;  Lu, X. F;  Zoi, C. L;  Jin, Y. J;  Zhang, Z;  Li, T. P;  Lu, F. J;  Song, L. M;  Wu, M;  Xu, Y. P. and Zhang, S. N.
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