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Carbon Sputtering Technology for MPGD detectors 会议论文
TIPP 2014 is the third Technology and Instrumentation in Particle Physi, Amsterdam, 2014
Authors:  Atsuhiko Ochi;  Yasuhiro Homma;  Yuji Yamazaki;  Fumiya Yamane;  Tsuyoshi Takemoto
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Development of a Micro Pixel Chamber for the ATLAS upgrade 会议论文
Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Technology and Instrumentation in Particle Physics (TIPP 2011), Chicago, IL, USA, 2011
Authors:  Atsuhiko Ochi;  Yasuhiro Homma;  Hidetoshi Komai;  Yuki Edo;  and Takahiro Yamaguchi
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