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Beam Lines and Stations for Applied Research Based on Ion Beams Extracted from Nuclotron 会议论文
Proceedings of the 13th International Particle Accelerator Conference, Thailand, 2022
Authors:  G.A. Filatov;  A. Agapov;  A.A. Baldin;  A.V. Butenko;  A.R. Galimov;  S.Yu. Kolesnikov;  K.N. Shipulin;  A. Slivin, E. Syresin;  G.N. Timoshenko;  A. Tuzikov;  A.S. Vorozhtsov
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Commissioning of Electron Cooling System of NICA Booster 会议论文
The XXVI Russian Particle Accelerator Conference (RuPAC–2018), Protvino, Russia, 2018
Authors:  S.V. Semenov;  A.G. Kobets;  S.Yu. Kolesnikov;  A.S. Sergeev;  A.A. Sidorin;  A.V. Smirnov;  Yu.A. Tumanova;  L.V. Zinovyev
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