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Compensation of Head-on Beam-Beam Induced Resonance Driving Terms and Tune Spread in the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider 会议论文
Proceedings of the 8th International Particle Accelerator Conference, Denmark, 2017
Authors:  W.Fischer;  X.Gu;  C.Liu;  Y.Luo;  A.Marusic;  R.J.Michnoff;  T.A.Miller;  M.G.Minty;  C.Montag;  A.I.Pikin;  G.Robert.Demolaize;  V.Schoefer;  P.Thieberger
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Beam Energy Scan With Asymmetric Collision at RHIC 会议论文
Proceedings of the 8th International Particle Accelerator Conference, Denmark, 2017
Authors:  C.Liu;  J.G.Alessi;  E.N.Beebe;  M.Blaskiewicz;  J.M.Brennan;  K.A.Brown;  D.Bruno;  J.J.Butler;  R.Connolly;  T.D'Ottavio;  K.A.Drees;  W.Fischer;  C.J.Gardner;  D.M.Gassner;  X.Gu;  Y.Hao;  M.Harvey;  T.Hayes;  H.Huang;  R.L.Hulsart;  P.F.Ingrassia;  J.P.Jamilkowski;  J.S.Laster;  V.Litvinenko;  Y.Luo;  M.Mapes;  G.J.Marr;  A.Marusic;  G.T.McIntyre;  K.Mernick;  R.J.Michnoff;  M.G.Minty;  C.Montag;  J.Morris;  C.Naylor;  S.Nemesure;  I.Pinayev;  V.H.Ranjbar;  D.Raparia;  G.Robert.Demolaize;  T.Roser;  P.Sampson;  J.Sandberg;  V.Schoefer;  F.Severino;  T.C.Shrey;  K.S.Smith;  S.Tepikian;  R.Than;  P.Thieberger;  J.E.Tuozzolo;  G.Wang;  Q.Wu;  A.Zaltsman;  K.Zeno;  S.Y.Zhang;  W.Zhang
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Alignment of Electron and Ion Beam Trajectories in Non-Magnetized Electron Cooler 会议论文
Proceedings of the 8th International Particle Accelerator Conference, Denmark, 2017
Authors:  S.Seletskiy;  M.Blaskiewicz;  A.V.Fedotov;  D.Kayran;  J.Kewisch;  R.J.Michnoff;  I.Pinayev
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RHIC Polarized Proton Operation for 2017 会议论文
Proceedings of the 8th International Particle Accelerator Conference, Denmark, 2017
Authors:  V.H.Ranjbar;  P.Adams;  Z.Altinbas;  E.C.Aschenauer;  G.Atoian;  E.N.Beebe;  S.Binello;  I.Blackler;  M.Blaskiewicz;  J.M.Brennan;  K.A.Brown;  D.Bruno;  M.R.Costanzo;  T.D'Ottavio;  K.A.Drees;  P.S.Dyer;  A.V.Fedotov;  W.Fischer;  C.J.Gardner;  D.M.Gassner;  X.Gu;  C.E.Harper;  M.Harvey;  T.Hayes;  J.Hock;  H.Huang;  R.L.Hulsart;  J.P.Jamilkowski;  T.Kanesue;  N.A.Kling;  J.S.Laster;  C.Liu;  Y.Luo;  D.Maffei;  M.Mapes;  G.J.Marr;  A.Marusic;  F.Méot;  K.Mernick;  R.J.Michnoff;  T.A.Miller;  M.G.Minty;  C.Montag;  J.Morris;  G.Narayan;  C.Naylor;  S.Nemesure;  P.Oddo;  M.Okamura;  S.Perez;  A.I.Pikin;  A.Poblaguev;  S.Polizzo;  V.Ptitsyn;  D.Raparia;  G.Robert.Demolaize;  T.Roser;  J.Sandberg;  W.B.Schmidke;  V.Schoefer;  F.Severino;  T.C.Shrey;  K.S.Smith;  Z.Sorrell;  D.Steski;  S.Tepikian;  R.Than;  P.Thieberger;  J.E.Tuozzolo;  G.Wang;  K.Yip;  A.Zaltsman;  A.Zelenski;  K.Zeno;  W.Zhang;  B.van Kuik
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CBETA - Cornell University Brookhaven National Laboratory Electron Energy Recovery Test Accelerator 会议论文
Proceedings of the 8th International Particle Accelerator Conference, Denmark, 2017
Authors:  D.Trbojevic;  S.Bellavia;  J.S.Berg;  M.Blaskiewicz;  S.J.Brooks;  K.A.Brown;  W.Fischer;  F.X.Karl;  C.Liu;  G.J.Mahler;  F.Méot;  R.J.Michnoff;  M.G.Minty;  S.Peggs;  V.Ptitsyn;  T.Roser;  P.Thieberger;  N.Tsoupas;  J.E.Tuozzolo;  F.J.Willeke;  H.Witte
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Commissioning of CeC PoP Accelerator 会议论文
Proceedings of the North American Particle Accelerator Conference, USA, 2016
Authors:  I.Pinayev;  Z.Altinbas;  J.C.B.Brutus;  A.J.Curcio;  A.Di Lieto;  C.Folz;  W.Fu;  D.M.Gassner;  Y.Hao;  M.Harvey;  T.Hayes;  R.L.Hulsart;  J.P.Jamilkowski;  Y.C.Jing;  P. K.Kankiya;  D.Kayran;  R.Kellermann;  V.Litvinenko;  G.J.Mahler;  M.Mapes;  K.Mernick;  R.J.Michnoff;  K.Mihara;  T.A.Miller;  G.Narayan;  P.Orfin;  M.C.Paniccia;  D.Phillips;  T.Rao;  F.Severino;  B.Sheehy;  J.Skaritka;  L.Smart;  K.S.Smith;  V.Soria;  Z.Sorrell;  R.Than;  J.E.Tuozzolo;  E.Wang;  G.Wang;  B. P.Xiao;  W.Xu;  A.Zaltsman;  Z.Zhao
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Optimize the Algorithm for the Global Orbit Feedback at Fixed Energies and During Acceleration in RHIC 会议论文
Proceedings of the North American Particle Accelerator Conference, USA, 2016
Authors:  C.Liu;  R.L.Hulsart;  K.Mernick;  R.J.Michnoff;  M.G.Minty
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RHIC Au-Au Operation at 100 GeV in Run16 会议论文
Proceedings of the North American Particle Accelerator Conference, USA, 2016
Authors:  X.Gu;  J.G.Alessi;  E.N.Beebe;  M.Blaskiewicz;  J.M.Brennan;  K.A.Brown;  D.Bruno;  J.J.Butler;  R.Connolly;  T.D'Ottavio;  K.A.Drees;  W.Fischer;  C.J.Gardner;  D.M.Gassner;  Y.Hao;  M.Harvey;  T.Hayes;  H.Huang;  R.L.Hulsart;  P.F.Ingrassia;  J.P.Jamilkowski;  J.S.Laster;  V.Litvinenko;  C.Liu;  Y.Luo;  M.Mapes;  G.J.Marr;  A.Marusic;  G.T.McIntyre;  K.Mernick;  R.J.Michnoff;  M.G.Minty;  C.Montag;  J.Morris;  C.Naylor;  S.Nemesure;  I.Pinayev;  V.H.Ranjbar;  D.Raparia;  G.Robert-Demolaize;  T.Roser;  P.Sampson;  J.Sandberg;  V.Schoefer;  F.Severino;  T.C.Shrey;  K.S.Smith;  S.Tepikian;  R.Than;  P.Thieberger;  J.E.Tuozzolo;  G.Wang;  Q.Wu;  A.Zaltsman;  K.Zeno;  S.Y.Zhang;  W.Zhang
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Beam Commissioning Results From the R&D ERL at BNL 会议论文
Proceedings of the 28th Linear Accelerator Conference, USA, 2016
Authors:  D.Kayran;  Z.Altinbas;  D.R.Beavis;  S.A.Belomestnykh;  I.Ben-Zvi;  D.M.Gassner;  L.R.Hammons;  J.P.Jamilkowski;  P. K.Kankiya;  R.F.Lambiase;  V.Litvinenko;  R.J.Michnoff;  T.A.Miller;  J.Morris;  V.Ptitsyn;  T.Seda;  B.Sheehy;  K.S.Smith;  E.Wang;  W.Xu
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A Versatile BPM Signal Processing System Based on the Xilinx Zynq SoC 会议论文
Proceedings of the 5th International Beam Instrumentation Conference, Barcelona, 2016
Authors:  R.L.Hulsart;  P.Cerniglia;  N.M.Day,R.J.Michnoff;  Z.Sorrell
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