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Design Validation of High Current Injector Facility at IUAC DELHI 会议论文
Proceedings of the 13th International Particle Accelerator Conference, Thailand, 2022
Authors:  R.V. Hariwal;  R. Ahuja;  P. Barua;  R.K. Gurjar;  S. Kedia;  A. Kothari;  A. Kumar;  M. Kumar;  P. Kumar;  R. Kumar;  R. Kumar;  S. Kumar;  S. Kumar;  P.S. Lakshmy;  K. Mal;  A.J. Malyadri;  Y.M. Mathur;  R. Mehta;  DK. Munda;  U.G. Naik;  C. Pal;  U.K. Rao;  G.O. Rodrigues;  C.P. Safvan;  A. Sarkar;  V.V.V. Satyanarayana;  K. Singh;  P. Singh;  S.K. Sonti;  S.K. Suman;  T. Varughese;  S.R. Venkataramanan;  J. Zacharias
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Operational Experience with the Mechanical Tuner Systems in the Superconducting Linac at IUAC 会议论文
Proceedings of the 20th International Conference on RF Superconductivity, USA, 2021
Authors:  A. Pandey;  R. Ahuja;  G.K. Chaudhari;  B.B. Chaudhary;  R.N. Dutt;  S. Ghosh;  B. Karmakar;  J. Karmakar;  R. Kumar;  D.S. Mathuria;  P. Patra;  P.N. Potukuchi;  A. Rai;  B.K. Sahu;  S.K. Saini;  A. Sharma;  S.K. Sonti;  S.K. Suman
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Transverse Ion Beam Emittance Growth Due to Low Frequency Instabilities in Microwave Ion Source Plasma 会议论文
Proceedings of the North American Particle Accelerator Conference, Michigan, 2019
Authors:  C. Mallick;  M. Bandyopadhyay;  R. Kumar
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Design Validation of a Chopping and Deflecting System for the High Current Injector at IUAC 会议论文
29th Linear Accelerator Conf., Beijing, China, 2018
Authors:  S. Kedia;  R. Ahuja;  R. Kumar;  R. Mehta
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