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Compensation of Head-on Beam-Beam Induced Resonance Driving Terms and Tune Spread in the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider 会议论文
Proceedings of the 8th International Particle Accelerator Conference, Denmark, 2017
Authors:  W.Fischer;  X.Gu;  C.Liu;  Y.Luo;  A.Marusic;  R.J.Michnoff;  T.A.Miller;  M.G.Minty;  C.Montag;  A.I.Pikin;  G.Robert.Demolaize;  V.Schoefer;  P.Thieberger
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Beam Energy Scan With Asymmetric Collision at RHIC 会议论文
Proceedings of the 8th International Particle Accelerator Conference, Denmark, 2017
Authors:  C.Liu;  J.G.Alessi;  E.N.Beebe;  M.Blaskiewicz;  J.M.Brennan;  K.A.Brown;  D.Bruno;  J.J.Butler;  R.Connolly;  T.D'Ottavio;  K.A.Drees;  W.Fischer;  C.J.Gardner;  D.M.Gassner;  X.Gu;  Y.Hao;  M.Harvey;  T.Hayes;  H.Huang;  R.L.Hulsart;  P.F.Ingrassia;  J.P.Jamilkowski;  J.S.Laster;  V.Litvinenko;  Y.Luo;  M.Mapes;  G.J.Marr;  A.Marusic;  G.T.McIntyre;  K.Mernick;  R.J.Michnoff;  M.G.Minty;  C.Montag;  J.Morris;  C.Naylor;  S.Nemesure;  I.Pinayev;  V.H.Ranjbar;  D.Raparia;  G.Robert.Demolaize;  T.Roser;  P.Sampson;  J.Sandberg;  V.Schoefer;  F.Severino;  T.C.Shrey;  K.S.Smith;  S.Tepikian;  R.Than;  P.Thieberger;  J.E.Tuozzolo;  G.Wang;  Q.Wu;  A.Zaltsman;  K.Zeno;  S.Y.Zhang;  W.Zhang
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RHIC Polarized Proton Operation for 2017 会议论文
Proceedings of the 8th International Particle Accelerator Conference, Denmark, 2017
Authors:  V.H.Ranjbar;  P.Adams;  Z.Altinbas;  E.C.Aschenauer;  G.Atoian;  E.N.Beebe;  S.Binello;  I.Blackler;  M.Blaskiewicz;  J.M.Brennan;  K.A.Brown;  D.Bruno;  M.R.Costanzo;  T.D'Ottavio;  K.A.Drees;  P.S.Dyer;  A.V.Fedotov;  W.Fischer;  C.J.Gardner;  D.M.Gassner;  X.Gu;  C.E.Harper;  M.Harvey;  T.Hayes;  J.Hock;  H.Huang;  R.L.Hulsart;  J.P.Jamilkowski;  T.Kanesue;  N.A.Kling;  J.S.Laster;  C.Liu;  Y.Luo;  D.Maffei;  M.Mapes;  G.J.Marr;  A.Marusic;  F.Méot;  K.Mernick;  R.J.Michnoff;  T.A.Miller;  M.G.Minty;  C.Montag;  J.Morris;  G.Narayan;  C.Naylor;  S.Nemesure;  P.Oddo;  M.Okamura;  S.Perez;  A.I.Pikin;  A.Poblaguev;  S.Polizzo;  V.Ptitsyn;  D.Raparia;  G.Robert.Demolaize;  T.Roser;  J.Sandberg;  W.B.Schmidke;  V.Schoefer;  F.Severino;  T.C.Shrey;  K.S.Smith;  Z.Sorrell;  D.Steski;  S.Tepikian;  R.Than;  P.Thieberger;  J.E.Tuozzolo;  G.Wang;  K.Yip;  A.Zaltsman;  A.Zelenski;  K.Zeno;  W.Zhang;  B.van Kuik
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CBETA - Cornell University Brookhaven National Laboratory Electron Energy Recovery Test Accelerator 会议论文
Proceedings of the 8th International Particle Accelerator Conference, Denmark, 2017
Authors:  D.Trbojevic;  S.Bellavia;  J.S.Berg;  M.Blaskiewicz;  S.J.Brooks;  K.A.Brown;  W.Fischer;  F.X.Karl;  C.Liu;  G.J.Mahler;  F.Méot;  R.J.Michnoff;  M.G.Minty;  S.Peggs;  V.Ptitsyn;  T.Roser;  P.Thieberger;  N.Tsoupas;  J.E.Tuozzolo;  F.J.Willeke;  H.Witte
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Absolute Energy Measurement of the LEReC Electron Beam 会议论文
Proceedings of the North American Particle Accelerator Conference, USA, 2016
Authors:  S.Seletskiy;  M.Blaskiewicz;  A.V.Fedotov;  D.Kayran;  J.Kewisch;  T.A.Miller;  P.Thieberger
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RHIC Au-Au Operation at 100 GeV in Run16 会议论文
Proceedings of the North American Particle Accelerator Conference, USA, 2016
Authors:  X.Gu;  J.G.Alessi;  E.N.Beebe;  M.Blaskiewicz;  J.M.Brennan;  K.A.Brown;  D.Bruno;  J.J.Butler;  R.Connolly;  T.D'Ottavio;  K.A.Drees;  W.Fischer;  C.J.Gardner;  D.M.Gassner;  Y.Hao;  M.Harvey;  T.Hayes;  H.Huang;  R.L.Hulsart;  P.F.Ingrassia;  J.P.Jamilkowski;  J.S.Laster;  V.Litvinenko;  C.Liu;  Y.Luo;  M.Mapes;  G.J.Marr;  A.Marusic;  G.T.McIntyre;  K.Mernick;  R.J.Michnoff;  M.G.Minty;  C.Montag;  J.Morris;  C.Naylor;  S.Nemesure;  I.Pinayev;  V.H.Ranjbar;  D.Raparia;  G.Robert-Demolaize;  T.Roser;  P.Sampson;  J.Sandberg;  V.Schoefer;  F.Severino;  T.C.Shrey;  K.S.Smith;  S.Tepikian;  R.Than;  P.Thieberger;  J.E.Tuozzolo;  G.Wang;  Q.Wu;  A.Zaltsman;  K.Zeno;  S.Y.Zhang;  W.Zhang
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High Energy Coulomb Scattered Electrons Detected in Air Used as the Main Beam Overlap Diagnostics for Tuning the RHIC Electron Lenses 会议论文
Proceedings of the North American Particle Accelerator Conference, USA, 2016
Authors:  P.Thieberger;  Z.Altinbas;  C.Carlson;  C.Chasman;  M.R.Costanzo;  C.Degen;  K.A.Drees;  W.Fischer;  D.M.Gassner;  X.Gu;  K.Hamdi;  J.Hock;  Y.Luo;  A.Marusic;  T.A.Miller;  M.G.Minty;  C.Montag;  A.I.Pikin
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Conceptual Design of LEReC Fast Machine Protection System 会议论文
Proceedings of the 5th International Beam Instrumentation Conference, Barcelona, 2016
Authors:  S.Seletskiy;  Z.Altinbas;  M.R.Costanzo;  A.V.Fedotov;  D.M.Gassner;  L.R.Hammons;  J.Hock;  P.Inacker;  J.P.Jamilkowski;  D.Kayran;  K.Mernick;  T.A.Miller;  M.G.Minty;  M.C.Paniccia;  I.Pinayev;  K.S.Smith;  P.Thieberger;  J.E.Tuozzolo;  W.Xu;  Z.Zhao
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LEReC Instrumentation Design & Construction 会议论文
Proceedings of the 5th International Beam Instrumentation Conference, Barcelona, 2016
Authors:  T.A.Miller;  M.Blaskiewicz;  K.A.Drees;  A.V.Fedotov;  W.Fischer;  J.M.Fite;  D.M.Gassner;  R.L.Hulsart;  D.Kayran;  J.Kewisch;  C.Liu;  K.Mernick;  R.J.Michnoff;  M.G.Minty;  C.Montag;  P.Oddo;  M.C.Paniccia;  I.Pinayev;  S.Seletskiy;  K.S.Smith;  Z.Sorrell;  P.Thieberger;  J.E.Tuozzolo;  D.Weiss;  A.Zaltsman
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RHIC Performance with Stochastic Cooling for Ions and Head-on Beam-beam Compensation for Protons 会议论文
Proceedings of the 7th International Particle Accelerator Conference, Korea, 2016
Authors:  W.Fischer;  J.G.Alessi;  Z.Altinbas;  E.C.Aschenauer;  G.Atoian;  E.N.Beebe;  S.Binello;  I.Blackler;  M.Blaskiewicz;  J.M.Brennan;  K.A.Brown;  D.Bruno;  R.Connolly;  M.R.Costanzo;  T.D'Ottavio;  K.A.Drees;  A.V.Fedotov;  C.J.Gardner;  D.M.Gassner;  X.Gu;  C.E.Harper;  M.Harvey;  T.Hayes;  J.Hock;  H.Huang;  R.L.Hulsart;  J.P.Jamilkowski;  T.Kanesue;  N.A.Kling;  J.S.Laster;  C.Liu;  Y.Luo;  D.Maffei;  Y.Makdisi;  M.Mapes;  G.J.Marr;  A.Marusic;  F.Méot;  K.Mernick;  R.J.Michnoff;  T.A.Miller;  M.G.Minty;  C.Montag;  J.Morris;  G.Narayan;  C.Naylor;  S.Nemesure;  M.Okamura;  S.Perez;  A.I.Pikin;  P.H.Pile;  A.Poblaguev;  V.Ptitsyn;  V.H.Ranjbar;  D.Raparia;  G.Robert-Demolaize;  T.Roser;  J.Sandberg;  W.B.Schmidke;  V.Schoefer;  F.Severino;  T.C.Shrey;  K.S.Smith;  D.Steski;  S.Tepikian;  R.Than;  P.Thieberger;  J.E.Tuozzolo;  B.Van Kuik;  G.Wang;  K.Yip;  A.Zaltsman;  A.Zelenski;  K.Zeno;  W.Zhang
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