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BES-III distributed computing status 期刊论文
Physics of Particles and Nuclei Letters, 2016, 卷号: 13, 期号: 5, 页码: 700-703
Authors:  Belov, S. D.,邓子艳;  Li WD(李卫东);  Lin T(林韬);  Yan T(颜田);  Yan XF(闫晓飞);  Zhang XM(张晓梅);  Z. Y. Deng, V. V. Korenkov, W. D. Li, T. Lin, Z. T. Ma, C. Nicholson, I. S. Pelevanyuk, B. Suo, V. V. Trofimov, A. U. Tsaregorodtsev, A. V. Uzhinskiy, T. Yan, X. F. Yan, X. M. Zhang and A. S. Zhemchugov
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Design and Operation of the BES-III Distributed Computing System 期刊论文
Procedia Computer Science, 2015, 卷号: 66, 页码: 619-624
Authors:  Belov;  S.;  Suo B(索兵);  Deng ZY(邓子燕);  Li WD(李卫东);  Lin T(林韬);  Ma ZT(马震太);  Nicholson C.;  Yan T(颜田);  Yan XF(闫晓飞);  Zhang XM(张晓梅);  B. Suo;  Z. Y. Deng;  V. Korenkov;  W. D. Li;  T. Lin;  Z. T. Ma;  C. Nicholson;  I. Pelevanyuk;  V. Trofimov;  A. Uzhinskiy;  T. Yan;  X. F. Yan;  X. M. Zhang and A. Zhemchugov
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