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GRB 210204A: observations with the 3.6m Devasthal Optical Telescope and possible jet break GCN
Authors:  Gupta, R;  Pandey, S. B;  Kumar, A;  Dimple, Ghosh, A;  Aryan, A;  Misra, K;  Bhattacharya, D;  Bhalerao, V;  Pozanenko, A;  Buckley, D.;  Collaboration, Brics
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A Control Strategy for Highly Regulated Magnet Power Supplies Using a LQR Approach 会议论文
Proceedings of the 14th International Conference on Accelerator & Large Experimental Physics Control Systems, California, 2013
Authors:  S.Srivastava;  Y.Kumar;  A.Misra;  V.S.P;  it;  S.Sahoo;  S.K.Thakur
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Introduction of EPICS in VEC & SCC Control Systems 会议论文
APAC 2007 Contributions to the Proceedings, India, 2007
Authors:  T.Bhattacharjee;  S.Bandyopadhyay;  R.B.Bhole;  Chaddha;  N.Chaddha;  A.De;  Kundu;  K.C.Kundu;  J.Misra;  S.Pal;  A.Roy;  B.Sarkar
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