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Study of the gamma/p discrimination at similar to 100 TeV energy range with LHAASO experiment 期刊论文
ASTROPARTICLE PHYSICS, 2018, 卷号: 99, 页码: 43-50
Authors:  Tian Z(田珍);  Wang Z(王真);  Guo YQ(郭义庆);  Ma XH(马欣华);  Hu HB(胡红波);  Tian, Z;  Wang, Z;  Liu, Y;  Guo, YQ;  Ma, XH;  Hu, HB
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Cosmic rays  gamma-Rays  gamma/P discrimination  LHAASO Experiment  
First Model Independent Results from DAMA/LIBRACPhase2 期刊论文
UNIVERSE, 2018, 卷号: 4, 期号: 11, 页码: 116
Authors:  Bernabei, Rita;  Belli, Pierluigi;  Bussolotti, Andrea;  Cappella, Fabio;  Caracciolo, Vincenzo;  Cerulli, Riccardo;  Dai, Chang-Jiang;  d'Angelo, Annelisa;  Di Marco, Alessandro;  He, Hui-Lin;  Antonella Incicchitti;  Xin-Hua Ma;  Angelo Mattei;  Vittorio Merlo;  Francesco Montecchia;  Xiang-Dong Sheng;  Zi-Piao Ye;  Dai ZJ(戴长江);  He HL(何会林);  Ma XH(马欣华);  Sheng XD(盛祥东);  Ye ZP(叶子飘)
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dark matter  low background NaI(Tl) scintillators  model-independent annual modulation signature  
DAMA/LIBRA Results and Perspectives 期刊论文
EPJ WEB OF CONFERENCES, 2018, 页码:  02027
Authors:  Bernabei, R.;  Belli, P.;  Cappella, F.;  Caracciolo, V.;  Cerulli, R.;  Dai, C. J.;  d'Angelo, A.;  Di Marco, A.;  He, H. L.;  Incicchitti, A.;  Kuang, H. H.;  Ma, X. H.;  Montecchia, F.;  Sheng, X. D.;  Wang, R. G.;  Ye, Z. P.;  Kuang HH(况浩怀);  Ma XH(马欣华);  Sheng XD(盛祥东);  Wang RG(王瑞光);  Ye ZP(叶子飘)
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DAMA/LIBRA results and perspectives 期刊论文
JOURNAL OF PHYSICS: CONFERENCE SERIES, 2018, 卷号: 1056, 期号: 1, 页码: 12005
Authors:  Bernabei, R.;  Belli, P.;  Cappella, F.;  Caracciolo, V.;  Cerulli, R.;  D'Angelo, A.;  Di Marco, A.;  Incicchitti, A.;  Merlo, V.;  Montecchia, F.;  Dai, C.J.;  He, H.L.;  Kuang, H.H.;  Ma, X.H.;  Sheng, X.D.;  Wang, R.G.;  Ye, Z.P.;  Dai ZJ(戴长江);  He HL(何会林);  Ma XH(马欣华);  Sheng XD(盛祥东);  Wang RG(王瑞光);  Ye ZP(叶子飘)
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Search for rare processes with DAMA experimental set-ups 期刊论文
EPJ WEB OF CONFERENCES, 2018, 页码:  02026
Authors:  Barabash, A. S.;  Belli, P.;  Bernabei, R.;  Boiko, R. S.;  Brudanin, V. B.;  Cappella, F.;  Caracciolo, V.;  Cerulli, R.;  Chernyak, D. M.;  Dai, C. J.;  Danevich, F. A.;  d'Angelo, A.;  Di Marco, A.;  He, H. L.;  Incicchitti, A.;  Kasperovych, D. V.;  Kobychev, V. V.;  Konovalov, S. I.;  Kuang, H. H.;  Ma, X. H.;  Merlo, V.;  Montecchia, F.;  Poda, D. V.;  Polischuk, O. G.;  Sheng, X. D.;  Shlegel, V. N.;  Tretyak, V. I.;  Umatov, V. I.;  Wang, R. G.;  Ye, Z. P.;  Zarytskyy, M. M.;  Dai ZJ(戴长江);  He HL(何会林);  Kuang HH(况浩怀);  Ma XH(马欣华);  Sheng XD(盛祥东);  Ye ZP(叶子飘)
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利用新型大面积ZnS(Ag)闪烁体探测器探测宇宙线EAS中的热中子 会议论文
第十八届全国科学计算与信息化会议, 第十八届全国科学计算与信息化会议论文集, 山东 威海, 2017-7
Authors:  刘茂元;  单增罗布;  陈天禄;  高启;  崔树旺;  李兵兵;  贺亚运;  马欣华;  周荣;  黄其昌;  姚佳东
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Using mineral oil to improve the performance of multi-crystal detectors for dark matter searching 期刊论文
JOURNAL OF INSTRUMENTATION, 2017, 卷号: 12, 页码: 9022
Authors:  Liu JC(刘金昌);  Guo C(郭聪);  Yu ZY(于泽源);  Guan MY(关梦云);  Wang ZM(王志民);  Ma XH(马欣华);  Yang ZG(杨长根);  Zhang P(张鹏);  Dai ZJ(戴长江);  Zhong WL(钟玮丽);  Li ZH(李祖豪);  Zhang YP(张永鹏);  Zhang CC(张成才);  Wei YT(魏玉婷);  Xiong WX(熊卫星);  张海琼。;  Liu, JC;  Guo, C;  Yu, ZY;  Guan, MY;  Wang, ZM;  Ma, XH;  Yang, CG;  Zhang, P;  Dai, CJ;  Zhong, WL;  Li, ZH;  Zhang, YP;  Zhang, CC;  Wei, YT;  Xiong, WX;  Zhang, HQ
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Dark Matter detectors (WIMPs, axions, etc.)  Detector modelling and simulations I (interaction of radiation with matter, interaction of photons with matter, interaction of hadrons with matter, etc)  Scintillators, scintillation and light emission processes (solid, gas and liquid scintillators)  
The PRISMA-LHAASO project: Status and overview 期刊论文
EPJ Web of Conferences, 2017, 卷号: 145, 页码: 7001
Authors:  Alekseenko, V., A. Bagrova, S. Cui, Y. He, B. Li, X. Ma, E. Pozdnyakov, O. Shchegolev, Y. Stenkin and V. Stepanov;  Ma XH(马欣华)
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Results and Perspectives of DAMA/LIBRA 期刊论文
AIP Conference Proceedings, 2017, 卷号: 1894, 页码: 20003
Authors:  Bernabei;  R.;  P. Belli;  R. Cerulli;  A. Di Marco;  V. Merlo;  F. Montecchia;  F. Cappella;  A. d’Angelo;  A. Incicchitti;  V. Caracciolo;  C. J. Dai;  H. L. He;  H. H. Kuang;  X. H. Ma;  X. D. Sheng;  R. G. Wang and Z. P. Ye;  Dai ZJ(戴长江);  He HL(何会林);  Kuang HH(况浩怀);  Ma XH(马欣华);  Sheng XD(盛祥东);  Ye ZP(叶子飘)
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Seasonal and Lunar Month Periods Observed in Natural Neutron Flux at High Altitude 期刊论文
PURE AND APPLIED GEOPHYSICS, 2017, 卷号: 174, 期号: 7, 页码: 2763-2771
Authors:  Stenkin, Y;  Alekseenko, V;  Cai, ZY;  Cao, Z;  Cattaneo, C;  Cui, SW;  Giroletti, E;  Gromushkin, D;  Guo, C;  Guo, XW;  He, HH;  Liu, Y;  Ma, XH;  Shchegolev, O;  Vallania, P;  Vigorito, C;  Zhao, J;  Cao Z(曹臻);  Guo C(郭聪);  He HH(何会海);  Ma XH(马欣华)
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Thermal neutron  radon  lunar month periods  seasonal periods