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Commissioning of the New SNS RFQ and 2.5MeV Beam Test Facility 会议论文
Proceedings of the 8th International Particle Accelerator Conference, Denmark, 2017
Authors:  A.V.Aleksandrov;  S.M.Cousineau;  M.T.Crofford;  B.Han;  Y.W.Kang;  A.A.Menshov;  A.Webster;  R.F.Welton;  A.P.Zhukov
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Development and Tests of Beam Test Facility with New Spare RFQ for Spallation Neutron Source 会议论文
Proceedings of the 7th International Particle Accelerator Conference, Korea, 2016
Authors:  Y.W.Kang;  A.V.Aleksandrov;  M.S.Champion;  M.T.Crofford;  J.Moss;  R.T.Roseberry;  J.P.Schubert;  M.P.Stockli;  C.M.Stone;  R.F.Welton;  D.C.Williams;  A.P.Zhukov
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Status and Performance of ORNL Spallation Neutron Source Accelerator Systems 会议论文
Proceedings of the 7th International Particle Accelerator Conference, Korea, 2016
Authors:  Y.W.Kang;  A.V.Aleksandrov;  D.E.Anderson;  M.S.Champion;  M.T.Crofford;  J.Galambos;  B.Han;  S.-H.Kim;  S.W.Lee;  J.Moss;  V.V.Peplov;  C.Piller;  M.A.Plum;  R.T.Roseberry;  J.P.Schubert;  A.P.Shishlo;  M.P.Stockli;  C.M.Stone;  R.F.Welton;  M.Wezensky;  D.C.Williams;  A.P.Zhukov
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Plasma Processing to Improve the Performance of the SNS Superconducting Linac 会议论文
Proceedings of the 28th Linear Accelerator Conference, USA, 2016
Authors:  M.Doleans;  R.Afanador;  J.A.Ball;  D.L.Barnhart;  W.Blokland;  M.T.Crofford;  B.DeGraff;  S.W.Gold;  B.S.Hannah;  M.P.Howell;  S.-H.Kim;  S.W.Lee;  J.D.Mammosser;  C.J.McMahan;  T.S.Neustadt;  J.Saunders;  S.E.Stewart;  W.H.Strong;  P.V.Tyagi;  D.J.Vandygriff;  D.M.Vandygriff
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Initial Commissioning Experience with the Spallation Neutron Source Vertical Test Area RF System 会议论文
Proceedings of the 17th International Conference on RF Superconductivity, Canada, 2015
Authors:  M.T.Crofford;  J.A.Ball;  M.Doleans;  S.-H.Kim;  S.W.Lee;  J.D.Mammosser;  J.Saunders
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Status of New 2.5 MeV Test Facility at SNS 会议论文
Proceedings of the 27th International Linear Accelerator Conference, Switzerland, 2014
Authors:  A.V.Aleksandrov;  M.S.Champion;  M.T.Crofford;  Y.W.Kang;  A.A.Menshov;  R.T.Roseberry;  M.P.Stockli;  A.Webster;  R.F.Welton;  A.P.Zhukov
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The Status of Superconducting Linac and SRF Activities at the SNS 会议论文
International Conference on RF Superconductivity 2013 16th, Paris, 2013
Authors:  S.-H.Kim;  W.Blokland;  M.S.Champion;  A.Coleman;  M.T.Crofford;  M.Doleans;  D.L.Douglas;  T.V.Gorlov;  M.P.Howell;  Y.W.Kang;  A.P.Shishlo;  S.E.Stewart;  W.H.Strong
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Plasma Processing R&D for the SNS Superconducting Linac RF Cavities 会议论文
International Conference on RF Superconductivity 2013 16th, Paris, 2013
Authors:  M.Doleans;  W.Blokland;  M.T.Crofford;  D.L.Douglas;  M.P.Howell;  S.-H.Kim;  P.V.Tyagi
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Plans for an Integrated Front-End Test Stand at the Spallation Neutron Source 会议论文
Proceedings of the 26th International Linear Accelerator Conference, Israel, 2012
Authors:  M.S.Champion;  A.V.Aleksandrov;  M.T.Crofford;  D.Heidenreich;  Y.W.Kang;  J.Moss;  R.T.Roseberry;  J.P.Schubert
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Proceedings of the third International Particle Accelerator Conference (IPAC 2012), Louisiana, USA, 2012
Authors:  M.P.Howell;  D.R.Bruce;  M.T.Crofford;  D.L.Douglas;  S.-H.Kim;  S.E.Stewart;  W.H.Strong
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