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Visualizing Lattice Dynamic Behavior by Acquiring a Single Time-Resolved MeV 会议论文
Proceedings of the 12th International Particle Accelerator Conference, Brazil, 2021
Authors:  X. Yang;  T.V. Shaftan;  V.V. Smaluk;  J. Tao;  L. Wu;  Y. Zhu
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A Novel Nondestructive Diagnostic Method for MeV Ultrafast Electron Diffraction 会议论文
Proceedings of the 11th International Particle Accelerator Conference, France, 2020
Authors:  X. Yang;  M.G. Fedurin;  J.J. Li;  T.V. Shaftan;  V.V. Smaluk;  L. Wu;  L. Yu;  Y. Zhu
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Design and Progress of Mechanical Support in HEPS 会议论文
Proceedings of the 10th International Particle Accelerator Conference, Australia, 2019
Authors:  C.H. Li;   Y. Jiao;  M.X. Li;  H. Wang;  Z. Wang;  L. Wu;  N. Zhou
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Test of Magnet Girder Prototypes for HEPS-TF 会议论文
9th International Particle Accelerator Conference, Vancouver, BC, Canada, 2018
Authors:  H. Wang;  C. H. Li;  S.J. Li;  J. Liu;  H. Qu;  Z. Wang;  L. Wu;  H.Y. Zhu
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Research on Magnetic Center Measurement of Quadrupole and Sextupole Using Vibrating Wire Alignment Technique in HEPS-TF 会议论文
9th International Particle Accelerator Conference, Vancouver, BC, Canada, 2018
Authors:  L. Wu;  C. H. Li;  H. Qu, H. Wang;  X.L. Wang
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