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Beam Dynamics for the MAX IV Transverse Deflecting Cavity Beamline 会议论文
Proceedings of the 31st International Linear Accelerator Conference, England, 2022
Authors:  N. Blaskovic Kraljevic;  L. Isaksson;  E. Mansten;  S. Thorin
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Highlights From the Conceptual Design Report of the Soft X-Ray Laser at MAX IV 会议论文
Proceedings of the 12th International Particle Accelerator Conference, Brazil, 2021
Authors:  F. Curbis;  J. Andersson;  L. Isaksson;  B.S. Kyle;  F. Lindau;  E. Mansten;  H. Tarawneh;  P.F. Tavares;  S. Thorin;  A.S. Vorozhtsov
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The Pre-Injector and Photocathode Gun Design for the MAX IV SXL 会议论文
Proceedings of the 10th International Particle Accelerator Conference, Australia, 2019
Authors:  J. Andersson;  F. Curbis;  L. Isaksson;  M. Kotur;  D. Kumbaro;  F. Lindau;  E. Mansten;  S. Thorin;  S. Werin
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Photocathode Laser Pulse Shaping for Improved Emittance 会议论文
29th Linear Accelerator Conf., Beijing, China, 2018
Authors:  M. Kotur;  J. Andersson;  J. Björklund Svensson;  M. Brandin;  F. Curbis;  L. Isaksson;  F. Lindau;  R. Lindvall;  E. Mansten;  R. Svärd;  S. Thorin;  S. Werin
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