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Status of Clara Front End Commissioning and First User Experiments 会议论文
Proceedings of the 10th International Particle Accelerator Conference, Australia, 2019
Authors:  D. Angal-Kalinin;  A.D. Brynes;  R.K. Buckley;  S.R. Buckley;  R.J. Cash;  H.M. Castaneda Cortes;  J.A. Clarke;  P.A. Corlett;  L.S. Cowie;  K.D. Dumbell;  D.J. Dunning;  B.D. Fell;  P. Goudket;  A.R. Goulden;  S.A. Griffiths;  J. Henderson;  F. Jackson;  J.K. Jones;  N.Y. Joshi;  S.L. Mathisen;  J.W. McKenzie;  K.J. Middleman;  B.L. Militsyn;  A.J. Moss;  B.D. Muratori;  T.C.Q. Noakes;  T.H. Pacey;  M.D. Roper;  Y.M. Saveliev;   D.J. Scott;  B.J.A. Shepherd;  R.J. Smith;  E.W. Snedden;  M. Surman;  N. Thompson;  C. Tollervey;  R. Valizadeh;  D.A. Walsh;  T.M. Weston;  A.E. Wheelhouse;  P.H. Williams
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A Staged, Multi-User X-Ray Free Electron Laser & Nuclear Physics Facility Based on a Multi-Pass Recirculating Superconducting CW Linac 会议论文
Proceedings of the 60th ICFA Advanced Beam Dynamics Workshop on Future Light Sources, Shanghai China, 2018
Authors:  P.H. Williams;  D. Angal-Kalinin;  A.D. Brynes;  J.A. Clarke;  L.S. Cowie;  D.J. Dunning;  P. Goudket;  F. Jackson;  J.K. Jones;  P.A. McIntosh;  B.L. Militsyn;  A.J. Moss;  B.D. Muratori;  S.L. Smith;  M. Surman;  N. Thompson;  A.E. Wheelhouse
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Design and Simulation Studies of the Novel Beam Arrival Monitor Pickup at Daresbury Laboratory 会议论文
Proceedings of the 7th International Particle Accelerator Conference, Korea, 2016
Authors:  A.Kalinin;  S.P.Jamison;  T.T.Thakker
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The VELA and CLARA Test Facilities at Daresbury Laboratory 会议论文
Proceedings of the 28th Linear Accelerator Conference, USA, 2016
Authors:  P.A.McIntosh;  D.Angal-Kalinin;  J.A.Clarke;  L.S.Cowie;  B.D.Fell;  S.P.Jamison;  B.L.Militsyn;  Y.M.Saveliev;  D.J.Scott;  N.Thompson;  P.H.Williams
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Status of the Injection System of the CLARA FEL Test Facility 会议论文
Proceedings of the 28th Linear Accelerator Conference, USA, 2016
Authors:  B.L.Militsyn;  D.Angal-Kalinin;  R.K.Buckley;  R.J.Cash;  J.A.Clarke;  L.S.Cowie;  B.D.Fell;  P.Goudket;  T.J.Jones;  K.B.Marinov;  P.A.McIntosh;  J.W.McKenzie;  K.J.Middleman;  T.C.Q.Noakes;  B.J.A.Shepherd;  R.Valizadeh;  A.E.Wheelhouse
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Beam Characterisation and Machine Developments at VELA 会议论文
Proceedings of the 7th International Particle Accelerator Conference, Korea, 2016
Authors:  D.Angal-Kalinin;  A.D.Brynes;  F.Jackson;  S.P.Jamison;  J.K.Jones;  J.W.McKenzie;  B.L.Militsyn;  B.D.Muratori;  T.C.Q.Noakes;  M.D.Roper;  Y.M.Saveliev,D.J.Scott;  R.J.Smith;  E.W.Snedden;  P.H.Williams
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Single-shot Multi-MeV Ultrafast Electron Diffraction on VELA at Daresbury Laboratory 会议论文
Proceedings of the 6th International Particle Accelerator Conference (IPAC 2015), Newport News, 2015
Authors:  L.K.Rudge;  D.Angal-Kalinin;  J.A.Clarke;  F.Jackson;  J.K.Jones;  A.Kalinin;  S.L.Mathisen;  J.W.McKenzie;  B.L.Militsyn;  B.D.Muratori;  T.C.Q.Noakes;  Y.M.Saveliev;  D.J.Scott;  P.H.Williams
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VELA Machine Development and Beam Characterisation 会议论文
Proceedings of the 6th International Particle Accelerator Conference (IPAC 2015), Newport News, 2015
Authors:  D.J.Scott;  D.Angal-Kalinin;  A.D.Brynes;  F.Jackson;  J.K.Jones;  A.Kalinin;  S.L.Mathisen;  J.W.McKenzie;  B.L.Militsyn;  B.D.Muratori;  T.C.Q.Noakes;  L.K.Rudge;  E.Sneddon;  M.Surman;  R.Valizadeh;  A.E.Wheelhouse;  P.H.Williams
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Status of CLARA, a New FEL Test Facility 会议论文
Proceedings of the 37th International Free Electron Laser Conference, Korea, 2015
Authors:  J.A.Clarke;  D.Angal-Kalinin;  A.D.Brynes;  R.K.Buckley;  S.R.Buckley;  L.S.Cowie;  D.J.Dunning;  B.D.Fell;  P.Goudket;  A.R.Goulden;  P.C.Hornickel;  F.Jackson;  S.P.Jamison;  J.K.Jones;  K.B.Marinov;  P.A.McIntosh;  J.W.McKenzie;  K.J.Middleman;  B.L.Militsyn;  A.J.Moss;  B.D.Muratori;  M.D.Roper;  L.K.Rudge;  Y.M.Saveliev;  B.J.A.Shepherd;  R.J.Smith;  S.L.Smith;  E.W.Snedden;  M.Surman;  T.T.Thakker;  N.Thompson;  R.Valizadeh;  A.E.Wheelhouse;  P.H.Williams
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Proceedings of the 5th International Particle Accelerator Conference (IPAC 2014), Germany, 2014
Authors:  P.A.McIntosh;  D.Angal-Kalinin;  R.K.Buckley;  S.R.Buckley;  J.A.Clarke;  P.A.Corlett;  B.D.Fell;  A.R.Goulden;  C.Hill;  F.Jackson;  S.P.Jamison;  J.K.Jones;  L.B.Jones;  A.Kalinin;  L.Ma;  J.W.McKenzie;  K.J.Middleman;  B.L.Militsyn;  A.J.Moss;  T.C.Q.Noakes;  Y.M.Saveliev;  D.J.Scott;  B.J.A.Shepherd;  R.J.Smith;  S.L.Smith;  T.T.Thakker;  A.E.Wheelhouse;  P.H.Williams
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