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Progress on the Construction of IHEP 500kV Photocathode DC Gun System 会议论文
Proceedings of ERL2013, Novosibirsk, Russia, Russia, 2013
Authors:  X.P.Li;  J.S.Cao;  S.Y.Chen;  Y.L.Chi;  Y.Jiao;  J.Liu;  R.L.Liu;  K.Lv;  S.Pei;  X.H.Peng;  D.R.Sun;  G.W.Wang;  J.Q.Wang;  S.H.Wang;  O.Xiao;  J.R.Zhang;  T.Zhang;  Z.S.Zhou
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Progress on the Design and Construction of the 100 MeV / 100 kW Electron Linac for the NSC KIPT Neutron Source 会议论文
Proceedings of the 26th International Linear Accelerator Conference, Israel, 2012
Authors:  S.Pei;  J.Cao;  Y.L.Chi;  B.Deng;  C.D.Deng;  H.S.Guo;  D.Y.He;  X.He;  M.Hou;  X.C.Kong;  Q.Le;  X.Li;  J.Liu;  R.L.Liu;  W.B.Liu;  K.Lv;  C.Ma;  H.Z.Ma;  G.Pei;  H.Song;  L.Wang;  S.H.Wang;  X.Wang;  Q.Yang;  J.Yue;  J.R.Zhang;  F.Zhao;  J.B.Zhao;  J.X.Zhao;  Z.S.Zhou
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