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The general purpose powder diffractometer at CSNS 期刊论文
PHYSICA B-CONDENSED MATTER, 2018, 卷号: 551, 页码: 370-372
Authors:  Chen J(陈洁);  Kang L(康乐);  Lu HL(卢怀乐);  Luo P(罗平);  Chen, Jie;  Kang, Le;  Lu, Huaile;  Luo, Ping;  Wang, Fangwei;  He, Lunhua;  Chen, Jie, Kang, Le, Lu, Huaile, Luo, Ping, Wang, Fangwei;  He, Lunhua
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Neutron scattering instrumentation  Neutron powder diffraction  
First experimental results from the GPPD diffractometer at the CSNS 期刊论文
NEUTRON NEWS, 2018, 期号:  2, 页码:  7-10
Authors:  He, Lunhua,陈洁;  Lu HL(卢怀乐);  Luo P(罗平);  Wu YD(吴耀达);  Kang L(康乐);  Zhang JC(张久昶);  Zhang JR(张俊荣);  Du R(杜蓉);  Liang TJ(梁天骄);  Chen, Jie, Lu, Huaile, Luo, Ping, Wu, Yaoda, Kang, Le, Zhang, Jiuchang, Zhang, Junrong, Du, Rong, Jia, Xuejun, Liang, Tianjiao;  Wang, Fangwei
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CSNS通用粉末衍射谱仪 期刊论文
现代物理知识, 2016, 期号: 1, 页码: P11-17
Authors:  何伦华;  陈洁;  康乐;  张久昶;  卢怀乐;  罗平
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