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Insight-HXMT X-ray and hard X-ray detection of the double peaks of the Fast Radio Burst from SGR 1935+2154 GCN
Authors:  -N;  Zhang S;  L;  Xiong S;  Li, C;  -K;  -B;  Li X;  L;  Tuo Y;  -Y;  Ge M;  -F;  Zhao X;  Xiao, S;  -M;  Jia S;  -Y;  Nie J;  -S;  Zhao H;  Luo, Q;  Li, B;  Cai, C;  Tan, Y;  -C;  Xue W;  -J;  Lu F;  -M;  Song L;  -Z;  Liu C.;  Chen, Y.
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Discovery of Delayed Spin-up Behavior Following Two Large Glitches in the Crab Pulsar, and the Statistics of Such Processes 期刊论文
ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL, 2020, 卷号: 896, 期号: 1, 页码: 55
Authors:  Ge, M. Y.;  Zhang, S. N.;  Lu, F. J.;  Li, T. P.;  Yuan, J. P.;  Zheng, X. P.;  Huang, Y.;  Zheng, S. J.;  Chen, Y. P.;  Chang, Z.;  Tuo, Y. L.;  Cheng, Q.;  Gungor, C.;  Song, L. M.;  Xu, Y. P.;  Cao, X. L.;  Chen, Y.;  Liu, C. Z.;  Zhang, S.;  Qu, J. L.;  Bu, Q. C.;  Cai, C.;  Chen, G.;  Chen, L.;  Chen, M. Z.;  Chen, T. X.;  Chen, Y. B.;  Cui, W.;  Cui, W. W.;  Deng, J. K.;  Dong, Y. W.;  Du, Y. Y.;  Fu, M. X.;  Gao, G. H.;  Gao, H.;  Gao, M.;  Gu, Y. D.;  Guan, J.;  Guo, C. C.;  Han, D. W.;  Hao, L. F.;  Huo, J.;  Jia, S. M.;  Jiang, L. H.;  Jiang, W. C.;  Jin, C. J.;  Jin, J.;  Jin, Y. J.;  Kong, L. D.;  Li, B.;  Li, D.;  Li, C. K.;  Li, G.;  Li, M. S.;  Li, W.;  Li, X.;  Li, X. B.;  Li, X. F.;  Li, Y. G.;  Li, Z. W.;  Li, Z. X.;  Liu, Z. Y.;  Liang, X. H.;  Liao, J. Y.;  Liu, G. Q.;  Liu, H. W.;  Liu, X. J.;  Liu, Y. N.;  Lu, B.;  Lu, X. F.;  Luo, Q.;  Luo, T.;  Ma, X.;  Meng, B.;  Nang, Y.;  Nie, J. Y.;  Ou, G.;  Sai, N.;  Shang, R. C.;  Song, X. Y.;  Sun, L.;  Tan, Y.;  Tao, L.;  Wang, C.;  Wang, G. F.;  Wang, J.;  Wang, J. B.;  Wang, M.;  Wang, N.;  Wang, W. S.;  Wang, Y. D.;  Wang, Y. S.;  Wen, X. Y.;  Wen, Z. G.;  Wu, B. B.;  Wu, B. Y.;  Wu, M.;  Xiao, G. C.;  Xiao, S.;  Xiong, S. L.;  Xu, Y. H.;  Yan, W. M.;  Yang, J. W.;  Yang, S.;  Yang, Y. J.;  Yi, Q. B.;  Yin, Q. Q.;  You, Y.;  Yue, Y. L.;  Zhang, A. M.;  Zhang, C. M.;  Zhang, D. P.;  Zhang, F.;  Zhang, H. M.;  Zhang, J.;  Zhang, T.;  Zhang, W. C.;  Zhang, W.;  Zhang, W. Z.;  Zhang, Y.;  Zhang, Y. F.;  Zhang, Y. J.;  Zhang, Z.;  Zhang, Z. L.;  Zhao, H. S.;  Zhao, X. F.;  Zheng, W.;  Zhou, D. K.;  Zhou, J. F.;  Zhou, X.;  Zhuang, R. L.;  Zhu, Y. X.;  Zhu, Y.
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无权访问的条目 期刊论文
Authors:  Zhang, Xinying;  Zhang, Pei;  Li, Zhongquan;  Dai, Jin;  Hao, Xuerui;  Ma, Qiang;  Huang, Tongming;  Lin, Haiying;  Mi, Zhenghui;  Wang, Qunyao;  Meng, Fanbo
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北京怀柔科学城启动建设两大科学装置 传媒扫描
Authors:  王昊男
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博士学位论文—HEPS-TF磁铁支架稳定性研究 学位论文
, 北京: 中国科学院大学, 2019
Authors:  王梓豪
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博士学位论文—基于北京同步辐射装置发展时间分辨X射线吸收谱及发射谱 学位论文
, 北京: 中国科学院大学, 2019
Authors:  汪皓
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SESRI 300 MeV Proton and Heavy Ion Accelerator 会议论文
Proceedings of the 10th International Particle Accelerator Conference, Australia, 2019
Authors:  H.P. Jiang;  Q.M. Chen;  W. Chen;  Z.N. Han;  H.F. Hao;  J. Liu;  J. Zhang;  T. Zhang
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Combined Strong-Strong and Weak-Strong Beam-Beam Simulations for Crabbed Collision in eRHIC 会议论文
Proceedings of the 10th International Particle Accelerator Conference, Australia, 2019
Authors:  Y. Luo;  G. Bassi;  M. Blaskiewicz;  W. Fischer;  Y. Hao;  C. Montag;  V. Ptitsyn;  V.V. Smaluk;  F.J. Willeke
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Internal alignment and position resolution of the silicon tracker of DAMPE determined with orbit data 期刊论文
Authors:  Tykhonov, A;  Ambrosi, G;  Asf;  iyarov, R;  Azzarello, P;  Bernardini, P;  Bertucci, B;  Bolognini, A;  Cadoux, F;  D'Amone, A;  De Benedittis, A;  De Mitri, I;  Di Santo, M;  Dong, YF;  Duranti, M;  D'Urso, D;  Fan, RR;  Fusco, P;  Gallo, V;  Gao, M;  Gargano, F;  Garrappa, S;  Gong, K;  Ionica, M;  La Marra, D;  Lei, SJ;  Li, X;  Loparco, F;  Marsella, G;  Mazziotta, MN;  Peng, WX;  Qiao, R;  Salinas, MM;  Surdo, A;  Vagelli, V;  Vitillo, S;  Wang, HY;  Wang, JZ;  Wang, ZM;  Wu, D;  Wu, X;  Zhang, F;  Zhang, JY;  Zhao, H;  Zimmer, S;  Dong YF(董亦凡);  Fan RR(樊瑞睿);  Gao M(高旻);  Gong K(龚轲);  Peng WX(彭文溪);  Qiao R(乔锐);  Wang HY(王焕玉);  Wang JZ(汪锦州);  Wu D(吴帝);  Zhang F(张帆);  Zhang JY(张家宇);  Zhao H(赵浩)
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Cosmic-ray detectors  Gamma-ray telescopes  Alignment  Silicon-strip detectors  
基于SpaceWire总线的γ射线监视器数据管理模块设计 期刊论文
核技术, 2018, 卷号: 41, 期号: 4, 页码: 40402
Authors:  田堂胜;  李陆;  文星;  董永伟;  张永杰;  张来宇;  师昊礼;  刘江涛;  张力;  吴伯冰
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gamma射线监视器  数据管理  SpaceWire总线