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Luminosity Dependence of the Cyclotron Line Energy in 1A 0535+262 Observed by Insight-HXMT during the 2020 Giant Outburst 期刊论文
The Astrophysical Journal, 2021, 卷号: 917, 页码: L38
Authors:  Kong, L. D.;  Zhang, S.;  Ji, L.;  Reig, P.;  Doroshenko, V.;  Santangelo, A.;  Staubert, R.;  Zhang, S. N.;  Soria, R.;  Chang, Z.;  Chen, Y. P.;  Wang, P. J.;  Tao, L.;  Qu, J. L.
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X-ray astronomy  High mass x-ray binary stars  Pulsars  1810  733  1306  Astrophysics - High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena  
Spectral evolution of X-ray pulsar 4U 1901+03 during the 2019 outburst based on Insight-HXMT and NuSTAR observations 期刊论文
Astronomy and Astrophysics, 2021, 卷号: 652, 页码: A89
Authors:  Nabizadeh, Armin;  Tsygankov, Sergey S.;  Ji, Long;  Doroshenko, Victor;  Molkov, Sergey V.;  Tuo, Youli;  Zhang, Shuang-Nan;  Lu, Fan-Jun;  Zhang, Shu;  Poutanen, Juri
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X-ray reprocessing in accreting pulsar GX 301-2 observed with Insight-HXMT 期刊论文
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 2021, 卷号: 501, 页码: 2522
Authors:  Ji, L.;  Doroshenko, V.;  Suleimanov, V.;  Santangelo, A.;  Orlandini, M.;  Liu, J.;  Ducci, L.;  Zhang, S. N.;  Nabizadeh, A.;  Gavran, D.;  Zhang, S.;  Ge, M. Y.;  Li, X. B.;  Tao, L.;  Bu, Q. C.;  Qu, J. L.;  Lu, F. J.;  Chen, L.;  Song, L. M.;  Li, T. P.;  Xu, Y. P.;  Cao, X. L.;  Chen, Y.;  Liu, C. Z.;  Cai, C.;  Chang, Z.;  Chen, T. X.;  Chen, Y. P.;  Cui, W. W.;  Du, Y. Y.;  Gao, G. H.;  Gao, H.;  Gu, Y. D.;  Guan, J.;  Guo, C. C.;  Han, D. W.;  Huang, Y.;  Huo, J.;  Jia, S. M.;  Jiang, W. C.;  Jin, J.;  Kong, L. D.;  Li, B.;  Li, C. K.;  Li, G.;  Li, W.;  Li, X.;  Li, X. F.;  Li, Z. W.;  Liang, X. H.;  Liao, J. Y.;  Liu, B. S.;  Liu, H. X.;  Liu, H. W.;  Liu, X. J.;  Lu, X. F.;  Luo, Q.;  Luo, T.;  Ma, R. C.;  Ma, X.;  Meng, B.;  Nang, Y.;  Nie, J. Y.;  Ou, G.;  Ren, X. Q.;  Sai, N.;  Song, X. Y.;  Sun, L.;  Tan, Y.;  Tuo, Y. L.;  Wang, C.;  Wang, L. J.;  Wang, P. J.;  Wang, W. S.;  Wang, Y. S.;  Wen, X. Y.;  Wu, B. Y.;  Wu, B. B.;  Wu, M.;  Xiao, G. C.;  Xiao, S.;  Xiong, S. L.;  Yang, R. J.;  Yang, S.;  Yang, Yan-Ji;  Yang, Yi-Jung;  Yi, Q. B.;  Yin, Q. Q.;  You, Y.;  Zhang, F.;  Zhang, H. M.;  Zhang, J.;  Zhang, P.;  Zhang, W.;  Zhang, W. C.;  Zhang, Yi;  Zhang, Y. F.;  Zhang, Y. H.;  Zhao, H. S.;  Zhao, X. F.;  Zheng, S. J.;  Zheng, Y. G.;  Zhou, D. K.
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stars: neutron  X-rays: binaries  X-rays: individual: GX 301-2