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Proceedings of the 31st International Linear Accelerator Conference, England, 2022
Authors:  C.I. Clarke;  J.M. Allen;  L.E. Alsberg;  A.L. Edelen;  H.E. Ekerfelt;  C. Emma;  E. Gerstmayr;  S.J. Gessner;  C. Hast;  M.J. Hogan;  M.D. Litos;  R. Loney;  S. Meuren;  S.A. Miskovich;  B.D. O’Shea;  M. Parker;  D.A. Reis;  D.W. Storey;  R. Watt;  G. Yocky
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Commissioning and Performance of Beam Diagnostics in the FACET-II Beam Spectrometer 会议论文
Proceedings of the 10th International Beam Instrumentation Conference, Korea, 2021
Authors:  D.W. Storey
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Machine Learning-Based Longitudinal Phase Space Prediction of Two-Bunch Operation at FACET-II 会议论文
Proceedings of the 8th International Beam Instrumentation Conference, Sweden, 2019
Authors:  C. Emma;  M.D. Alverson;  A.L. Edelen;  M.J. Hogan;  B.D. O’Shea;  D.W. Storey;  G.R. White;  V. Yakimenko
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Design of an RF Modulated Thermionic Electron Source at TRIUMF 会议论文
9th International Particle Accelerator Conference, Vancouver, BC, Canada, 2018
Authors:  K. Fong;  D.W. Storey
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Cryogenic Performance of an SRF Deflecting Cavity Fabricated Using Alternative Techniques for the ARIEL eLinac 会议论文
9th International Particle Accelerator Conference, Vancouver, BC, Canada, 2018
Authors:  D.W. Storey
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