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High Efficiency High Power Resonant Cavity Amplifier For PIP-II 会议论文
Proceedings of the 10th International Particle Accelerator Conference, Australia, 2019
Authors:  M.P.J. Gaudreau;  D.B. Cope;  E.G. Johnson;  M.K. Kempkes;   R.E. Simpson;  N.A. Stuart
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High Efficiency, High Power, Resonant Cavity Amplifier For PIP-II 会议论文
9th International Particle Accelerator Conference, Vancouver, BC, Canada, 2018
Authors:  M.P.J. Gaudreau;  N. Butler;  D.B. Cope;  P. H. Gordon;  E.G. Johnson;  M.K. Kempkes, R.E. Simpson
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