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SARAF Phase-I Proton / Deuteron Linac Beam Operation Status 会议论文
Proceedings of the 27th International Linear Accelerator Conference, Switzerland, 2014
Authors:  A.Kreisel;  A.Arenshtam;  Y.Ben Aliz;  D.Berkovits;  Y.Buzaglo;  O.Dudovich;  Y.Eisen;  I.Eliyahu;  G.Feinberg;  I.Fishman;  I.G.Gertz;  A.Grin;  S.Halfon;  Y.F.Haruvy;  T.Hirsch;  D.Hirschmann;  Z.Horvitz;  B.Kaizer;  D.Kijel;  J.Luner;  I.Mor;  J.Rodnizki;  G.Shimel;  A.Shor;  I.Silverman;  D.Vartsky;  L.Weissman;  E.Zemach
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Operational Experience and Future Goals of the SARAF Linac at SOREQ 会议论文
Proceedings of the 26th International Linear Accelerator Conference, Israel, 2012
Authors:  D.Berkovits;  A.Arenshtam;  Y.Ben Aliz;  Y.Buzaglo;  O.Dudovich;  Y.Eisen;  I.Eliyahu;  G.Feinberg;  I.Fishman;  I.Gavish;  I.G.Gertz;  A.Grin;  S.Halfon;  D.Har-Even;  Y.F.Haruvy;  T.Hirsch;  D.Hirschmann;  Z.Horvitz;  B.Kaizer;  D.Kijel;  A.Kreisel;  G.Lempert;  J.Luner;  I.Mardor;  A.Perry;  E.Reinfeld;  J.Rodnizki;  G.Shimel;  A.Shor;  I.Silverman;  L.Weissman;  E.Zemach
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Status of SARAF Superconducting Acceleration Module 会议论文
Proceedings of the 15th International Conference on RF Superconductivity, Chicago, 2011
Authors:  A.Perry;  Y.Ben Aliz;  B.Kaizer;  A.Kreisel;  J.Rodnizki;  L.Weissman
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Beam Dynamics Simulation in SARAF Phase-I Proton/Deuteron 4 MeV Linac Commissioning 会议论文
Proceedings of HB2010, Morschach, Switzerland, Switzerland, 2010
Authors:  J.Rodnizki;  A.Kreisel
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