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The Application of Stimuli-responsive Nanocarriers for Targeted Drug Delivery 期刊论文
CURRENT TOPICS IN MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY, 2017, 卷号: 17, 期号: 20, 页码: 2319-2334
Authors:  Zhou MX(周梦雪);  Wen KK(温凯凯);  Bai Y(白颖);  Lu HR(卢会茹);  Chen J(陈俊);  Hu Y(胡毅);  Chai ZF(柴之芳);  Zhou, MX;  Wen, KK;  Bi, Y;  Lu, HR;  Chen, J;  Hu, Y;  Chai, ZF
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Stimuli-response  Nanoparticles  Drug delivery  Tumor microenvironment  Chemotherapy  
利用手征SU(3)夸克模型研究轻超核_Λ~5He;_Λ~4He和_Λ~4H的结合能 期刊论文
高能物理与核物理, 2005, 期号: 11, 页码: 668-672
Authors:  陆晓;  白莹;  杨永栩;  沈彭年
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超核  共振群  YN相互作用  结合能