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Design and performance study of the HEPP-H calorimeter onboard the CSES satellite 期刊论文
RESEARCH IN ASTRONOMY AND ASTROPHYSICS, 2018, 卷号: 18, 期号: 12, 页码: 154
Authors:  Nan, YF;  An ZH(安正华);  Li HX(李航旭);  Zhao XY(赵小芸);  Wen XY(文向阳);  Zhang DL(张大力);  Li XQ(李新乔);  Wang H(王辉);  Liang XH(梁晓华);  Shi F(石峰);  Xu YB(徐岩冰);  Yu XX(于晓霞);  王平(天);  Lu H(卢红);  Wang HY(王焕玉);  Ma YQ(马宇倩);  An, ZH;  Li, HX;  Zhao, XY;  Wen, XY;  Zhang, DL;  Cheng, SG;  Li, XQ;  Wang, H;  Liang, XH;  Shi, F;  Xu, YB;  Yu, XX;  Wang, P;  Lu, H;  Wang, HY;  Ma, YQ
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telescopes  instrumentation: detectors  site testing  
电磁监测试验卫星高能粒子探测器光电倍增管研究 会议论文
第十八届全国科学计算与信息化会议, 第十八届全国科学计算与信息化会议论文集, 山东 威海, 2017-7
Authors:  安正华;  赵小芸;  李航旭;  于晓霞;  李新乔;  石峰;  徐岩冰;  王平;  卢红;  王焕玉;  马宇蒨;  王辉
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Beam test of CSES silicon strip detector module 期刊论文
CHINESE PHYSICS C中国物理. C, 2017, 卷号: 41, 期号: 5, 页码: 56101
Authors:  Zhang DL(张大力);  Lu H(卢红);  Wang HY(王焕玉);  Li XQ(李新乔);  Xu YB(徐岩冰);  An ZH(安正华);  Yu XX(于晓霞);  Wang H(王辉);  Shi F(石峰);  Wang P(王平);  Zhao XY(赵小芸);  Zhang, DL;  Lu, H;  Wang, HY;  Li, XQ;  Xu, YB;  An, ZH;  Yu, XX;  Wang, H;  Shi, F;  Wang, P;  Zhao, XY
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CSES  beam test  double-sided silicon strip detector  VA140  
Detection of solar neutron events and their theoretical approach 期刊论文
NEW ASTRONOMY, 2015, 卷号: 39, 页码: 25-35
Authors:  Yu XX(于晓霞);  Lu H(卢红);  Li XQ(李新乔);  Yu, XX;  Lu, H;  Chen, GT;  Li, XQ;  Shi, JK;  Tan, CM
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Flare  Particle emission  Neutron  
A geometric factor calculation method based on the isotropic f lux assumption 期刊论文
Chinese Physics C, 2013, 期号: 12, 页码: 84-89
Authors:  Zhao XY(赵小芸);  Wang HY(王焕玉);  Wu F(吴峰);  Meng XC(孟祥承);  Ma YQ(马宇倩);  Lu H(卢红);  Wang H(王辉);  Wang P(王平);  Li XQ(李新乔);  Xu YB(徐岩冰);  Shi F(石峰);  Jiang WQ(蒋文奇);  An ZH(安正华);  Yu XX(于晓霞);  Liu HY(刘汉一)
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LEPD  geometric factor  isotropy  GEANT4  cosine distribution  flux normalization  
A geometric factor calculation method based on the isotropic flux assumption 期刊论文
CHINESE PHYSICS C, 2013, 卷号: 37, 期号: 12, 页码: 126201
Authors:  Zhao XY(赵小芸);  Wang HY(王焕玉);  Zhao, XY;  Wang, HY;  Wu, F;  Meng, XC;  Ma, YQ;  Lu, H;  Wang, H;  Wang, P;  Li, XQ;  Xu, YB;  Shi, F;  Jiang, WQ;  An, ZH;  Yu, XX;  Liu, HY;  Meng XC(孟祥承);  Ma YQ(马宇倩);  Lu H(卢红);  Wang H(王辉);  王平(天);  Li XQ(李新乔);  Xu YB(徐岩冰);  Shi F(石峰);  Jiang WQ(蒋文奇);  An ZH(安正华);  Yu XX(于晓霞);  Liu HY(刘汉一)
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LEPD  geometric factor  isotropy  GEANT4  cosine distribution  flux normalization  
Design and performance study of the LEPD silicon tracker onboard the CSES satellite 期刊论文
Chinese Physics C, Chinese Physics C, Chinese Physics C, 2013, 2013, 2013, 期号: 2, 页码: 61-67, 61-67, 61-67
Authors:  Wu F(吴峰);  Wang HY(王焕玉);  Zhao XY(赵小芸);  Meng XC(孟祥承);  Xu YB(徐岩冰);  Wang H(王辉);  Ma YQ(马宇倩);  Lu H(卢红);  Wang P(王平);  Shi F(石峰);  Li XQ(李新乔);  Jiang WQ(蒋文奇);  An ZH(安振华);  Yu XX(于晓霞);  Liu HY(刘汉一)
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silicon detector  silicon detector  silicon detector  △E-E  △E-E  △E-E  particles identification  particles identification  particles identification  electrons detector  electrons detector  electrons detector  protons detector  protons detector  protons detector  position of incident particles  position of incident particles  position of incident particles  
Observation of thundercloud-related gamma rays and neutrons in Tibet 期刊论文
PHYSICAL REVIEW D, 2012, 卷号: 85, 期号: 9, 页码: 92006
Authors:  Tsuchiya, H;  Hibino, K;  Kawata, K;  Hotta, N;  Tateyama, N;  Ohnishi, M;  Takita, M;  Chen, D;  Huang, J;  Miyasaka, M;  Kondo, I;  Takahashi, E;  Shimoda, S;  Yamada, Y;  Lu, H;  Zhang, JL;  Yu, XX;  Tan, YH;  Nie, SM;  Munakata, K;  Enoto, T;  Makishima, K;卢红;  Zhang JL(张吉龙);  Yu XX(于晓霞);  Tan YH(谭有恒)
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Study of the North West Cape electron belts observed by DEMETER satellite 期刊论文
Authors:  Li XQ(李新乔);  Ma YQ(马宇倩);  王平(天);  Li, XQ;  Ma, YQ;  Wang, P;  Wang, HY;  Lu, H;  Zhang, XM;  Huang, JP;  Shi, F;  Yu, XX;  Xu, YB;  Meng, XC;  Wang, H;  Zhao, XY;  Parrot, M;  Wang HY(王焕玉);  Lu H(卢红);  Shi F(石峰);  Yu XX(于晓霞);  Xu YB(徐岩冰);  Meng XC(孟祥承);  王辉(天)赵小云
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雷暴电场对宇宙射线次级粒子μ子的影响研究 期刊论文
物理学报, 2012, 期号: 15, 页码: 548-557
Authors:  王俊芳;  郄秀书;  卢红;  张吉龙;  于晓霞;  石峰
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雷暴  地面电场  中子监测器  宇宙线