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Medium Energy Heavy Ion Operations at RHIC 会议论文
Proceedings of 2011 Particle Accelerator Conference, New York, NY, USA, New York, 2011
Authors:  K.A. Drees;  L. A. Ahrens;  M. Bai;  J. Beebe-Wang;  I. Blackler;  M. Blaskiewicz;  J.M. Brennan;  K.A. Brown;  D. Bruno;  J.J. Butler;  C. Carlson;  R. Connolly;  T. D'Ottavio;  W. Fischer;  W. Fu;  D.M. Gassner;  M. Harvey;  T. Hayes;  H. Huang;  R.L. Hulsart;  P.F. Ingrassia;  N.A. Kling;  M. Lafky;  J.S. Laster;  R.C. Lee;  V. Litvinenko;  Y. Luo;  W.W. MacKay;  M. Mapes;  G.J. Marr;  A. Marusic;  K. Mernick;  R.J. Michnoff;  M.G. Minty;  C. Montag;  J. Morris;  C. Naylor;  S. Nemesure;  F.C. Pilat;  V. Ptitsyn;  G. Robert-Demolaize;  T. Roser;  P. Sampson;  T. Satogata;  V. Schoefer;  C. Schultheiss;  F. Severino;  T.C. Shrey;  K.S. Smith;  S. Tepikian;  P. Thieberger;  D. Trbojevic;  N. Tsoupas;  J.E. Tuozzolo;  M. Wilinski;  A. Zaltsman;  K. Zeno;  S.Y. Zhang
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