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Observation of large-scale anisotropy in the arrival directions of cosmic rays with LHAASO 会议论文
37th International Cosmic Ray Conference (ICRC 2021), Berlin, Germany, 2021
Authors:  Gao, Wei;  Cao, Qing;  Chen, Songzhan;  Cui, Shuwang;  He, Huihai;  Li, Wenlong;  Wu, Sha;  Zhang, Hengying and Zhu, Chengguang
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The large-scale anisotropy of cosmic rays observed with the partial LHAASO-KM2A array 会议论文
36th International Cosmic Ray Conference, ICRC 2019, Madison, WI, United states, 2019
Authors:  Gao, Wei;  Li, Wenlong;  Zhu, Chengguang;  Chen, Songzhan;  Li, Zhe;  Cui, Shuwang;  Zhang, Peipei
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