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Toxicology of Nanomaterials 专著
Germany:Wiley-VCH, 2016
Authors:  Yuliang Zhao;  Zhiyong Zhang;  Weiyue Feng
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中子和同步辐射在工程材料科学中的应用 专著
北京:科学出版社, 2014
Authors:  (德)赖默斯(Reimers,W.)
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Neutrinos in particle physics, astronomy and cosmology 专著
Hangzhou:Zhejiang University Press , New York: Springer, 2011
Authors:  Zhi-Zhong Xing(邢志忠);  Shun Zhou(周顺)
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Physics and engineering of high-performance electron storage rings and application of superconductin technology 专著
New Jersey:World Scientific,, 2002
Authors:  Shin-ichi Kurokawa;  Zhang Chuang(张闯)
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Computing in High Energy and Nuclear Physics 专著
Beijing:Science Press ,, 2001
Authors:  H.S.Chen (陈和生)
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Particle Accelerator Conference 2001 专著
Beijing:Institute of High Energy Physics Chinese Academy o, 2001
Authors:  Zhang Chuang(张闯)
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Accelerator and large experimental physics contorl systems 专著
Beijing:Science Press ,, 1998
Authors:  Jijiu Zhao(赵籍九);  Axel Daneels
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BEPC luminosity upgrades 专著
Beijing:IHEP ,, 1991
Authors:  Zhang Chuang(张闯);  Tang Jinyuan(唐金媛)
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