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Zhao, YiDong
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Zhao, YiDong


Yidong Zhao, male, born in 1968, received his PhD from IHEP in 2002, and working at IHEP till now.
Areas of Research: X-ray optics technology and application
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Spokesman of 3W1B, 4B7A , 4B7B beamlines at BSRF (Beijing Synchrotron Radiation Facility) of the Institute of High Energy Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences. 2003-present: leader of soft X-ray optics group, BSRF. Mainly engages in X-ray metrology, detector calibration, and X-ray absorption near edge fine structure spectroscopy (XANES) in soft X-ray region. In charge of a new 4B7B soft X-ray beamline project which with a variable included angle Monk-Gillieson type grating monochromator (2004-2009). Host upgrade project of the middle energy beamline which concerned removal of the beamline from 3B3 bending magnetic to 4B7 (2005-2007) and 4B7A XAS end-station project (2008-2012). Running project: Application of a harmonic-free grating monochromator in synchrotron radiation (2012-2017).

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