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Zhang, ZongYe
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Zhang, ZongYe


Zongye Zhang, female, born in Beijing in January 1935. 1956 She graduated from the Department of Physics, Peking University. 1999 She was elected member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Now she is a full professor of the Institute of High Energy Physics, the Chinese Academy of Sciences.
Areas of Research: heoretical nuclear physics; theoretical hadron physics.
Achievement and Experience:
1. In the 60s, she proposed the nuclear coherent structure and the coherent pair fluctuation model under the guidance of Professor Yu Min and achieved great success in explaining the main characteristics of low excited states of the nuclei nearby 16O .
2. She predicts theoretically the existence of super-symmetric structure states in hyper-nuclei. Those states were found later in the experiments at Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL) in the United State of America.
3. Since the 80s, she systematically studied the quark model theory of the baryon 、the two-baryon systems、baryon-meson systems and meson-meson systems. The typical achievements are: (1) She derived a transition potential of quark-antiquark pair creation, which provides a way to understand the meson-exchange theory of nuclear force from the quark-gluon degrees of freedom. (2)She suggested an error function type confinement potential, from which the long tail problem of color Van der Waals force can be solved. (3) She proposed the Chiral SU (3) quark model, with which the empirical data of nucleon –nucleon and nucleon-hyperon interactions can simultaneously be explained and further she extended the model to study the baryon-meson interactions and the meson=meson interactions. At the same time a deeply bound dibaryon (ΩΩ) О+ is predicted in this model.
Zhang investigated the theory of nuclear structure in the early days, later on systematically studied the quark model of nuclear force and achieved important progress. So far she has published over 170 papers in the influential international and domestic journals.

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