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Zhang WanChang
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Zhang WanChang


Wanchang Zhang, male, born in 1965. Obtained Master’s degree in nuclear detector and nuclear electronics from China Institute of Atomic Energy (CIAE) for Marster’s degree in 1993.  From 1987 to 1998, worked at the department of nuclear technology application of CIAE. From1998 to 2001, at Brookhaven National Lab in US.  Now, a researcher at Institute of high energy physics (IHEP) of Chinese Academy.
Areas of Research :  Nuclear physics, especially in planar technology Si detectors used for nuclear radiation.
Achievement and Experience:
At CIAE, developed two kinds of superconductive materials with Tc 90K and 103K, and high Tc superconductive thin-film and thick-film Josephson junction devices and their responses to  241Am γand Sr-Y β; Developed surface barrier detectors based on high resistivity Si, compound semiconductors GaAs and CdTe, and obtained their responses to 125Iγ、241Am γ and Sr-Y β.  At Brookhaven National Lab in US, developed 36 cm2 Si multi-micro strip detectors, 34cm2 2-D pixel Si detectors, low energy X ray Si drift detectors (SDD) and X ray detectors used for synchrotron light source. At CIAE, by planar technology, developed large area current-type detectors with diameters 20 mm and 60 mm, large area Si-PIN detectors used for charged particle measurement, large area Si multi-strip detectors, Si drift detectors(SDD) andSi-PIN detectors with very low leakage current which  have the same energy resolution as the commercial products.  These achievement have greatly promoted the development and application of planar technology Si detectors and stand for the highest level of Si detectors in China.

Research Outputs

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