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Wang, YiFang
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Wang, YiFang


Yifang Wang, male, born in 1963 . Yifang got his bachelor degree at Physics Department of Nanjing University in 1984 and the Ph.D degree at University of Florence in 1991. Since then he had been working at MIT and Stanford University. In 2000, Yifang was selected by “Hundred Talent Program” of Chinese Academic of Science and came back to China in 2001. He is the current general director of Institute of High Energy Physics.
Areas of Research:Particle Physics
Achievement and Experience:
Yifang participated in L3, AMS, Palo Verde and KamLand experiments during his experience abroad. He promoted the “swap method” for the background control in the Palo Verde neutrino experiments. He accomplished the calculation of Cosmic ray induced neutron generation for the first time. Yifang led the development of electronics, DAQ, Trigger, off-line software system as well as the Physics analysis of Palo Verde experiment. In L3 experiment, Yifang was the leader of new particle search and multi-photon states search groups.
After his back to China in 2001, he led the R&D and construction of the BES III detector. Yifang led the experimental operation and physics analysis of the BES III experiment. He established the international collaboration of BES III and worked as the speak person till 2011.
Yifang promoted the DayaBay experiment, led the construction of the experimental site and detectors as well as the physics analysis. The DayaBay experiment discovered the new mode of neutrino oscillation and measured the neutrino mixing angle theta-13.

Research Outputs

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