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Chen, Y
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Chen, Y


Yong CHEN, male, born in 1970, faculty of IHEP from 1998. Ph. D. in 1998, from IHEP particle physics. During 2000 to 2002,he visited Max-Planck Institute and collaborated with  Boehringer to study the X-ray cluster of galaxies.
Areas of Research: experiment and data analysis of high energy astronomy. Especially engaged in the payload design and manufacture, detector technology research and development, and data analysis.
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In high energy astronomy, participated in the design and manufacture of X-ray spectrometer, which is onboard Chang’e-1 satellite of Chinese lunar exploration project, as a vice responsible designer. This spectrometer successfully reached the lunar orbit and obtained the X-ray spectra of the lunar surface with the best energy resolution during that time. He is responsible for the Low Energy X-ray Telescope (LE) onboard HXMT. LE has the largest CCD area in space X-ray astronomy and is currently in its primary model phase. He also takes charge in the CCD driving and readout circuit design and its performance research, e.g. CCD54, CCD236, CCD47-10 and so on. In the area of data analysis, he investigated the X-ray properties of cluster of galaxies, using the data from ROSAT, XMM-Newton and Chandra. He has published more than 30 papers which have been cited for more than 300 times.

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