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Xu, DianDou
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Xu, DianDou


Diandou Xu, male, born in 1973. Ph.D. at the institute of high energy physics (IHEP), Chinese academy of sciences in 2003 with several scholarships from the CAS. Dr. Xu worked in IHEP as a post-doc from 2003 to 2005. He got the “Young Scientist Award” in 2007 from ICAA and became a professor in 2012.
Achievement and Experience:
Dr. Xu has over ten years work experience in the application of nuclear analytic technology in environmental science and material chemistry, especially applying high-energy particle/ray technology to the hazardous waste disposal and material modification. Nine patents have been submitted.
Dr Xu has carried on three Natural Science Foundation projects and other 10 projects from the national ministry of science, technology support program, the Chinese academy of sciences knowledge innovation project key projects and so on. A cooperated book and more than 70 (> 40 SCI) papers have been published until now. Dr. xu is an international committee in both MTAA and international joint research center for persistent toxic substances (IJRC - PTS).

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