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Lou XinChou
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Lou XinChou


Xinchou Lou, male, born in 1962. Ph.D. in 1989 from State University of New York (Albany) with the CLEO experiment at Cornell University. Postdoc (1989-1992) with Indiana University, paid Scientific Associate (1993, summer 1994) with European Lab for Particle Physics (CERN). Faculty at University of Texas (Dallas) in 1994 raising through the ranks of assistant professor, associate professor (with tenure), full professor (with tenure) and head of the physics department. Selected as QianRen Professor with the 1000-talent Program in China in May 2012 and joined IHEP as senior fellow and deputy director of Experimental Physics Division. Currently participating in the ATLAS (LHC, CERN), BESIII (IHEP) and BABAR (SLAC) experiments.
Areas of Research: Experimental elementary particle physics (B physics, Onia, TeV physics and dark matter), data analysis, high performance computing, pixel detector, high energy collider experiments, etc.
Achievement and Experience:
Active participations in 6 frontier experiments at Cornell, SLAC, CERN and IHEP. Leadership positions with OPAL (WG Leader), BES (Analysis Coordinator), and BESIII (EB member) experiments. Major first observations and verifications include B baryons and Bs with OPAL, Y (4260) and double charmonium observations with BABAR, among which the discovery of the Y (4260) was selected among top 100 science stories in 2005 by the Discovery Magazine. Participation in the study, commission and operation of the OPAL silicon strip detector and the ATLAS pixel detector.
Created 10 new courses and labs at UT Dallas, received multiple nominations for teaching awards. Best Adviser award at UT Dallas (1995). Two terms UT Dallas faculty senate. As the Head of the UT Dallas Physics Department, led the Southern Accreditation of Colleges and Schools assessment project, recruited world class scientists into UT Dallas Physics faculty. Improved graduate and undergraduate curricula. Served and chaired many faculty committees at UT Dallas.

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