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Wang, Z
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Wang, Z


Zheng WANG, male, born in 1974. Institute of High Energy Physics (IHEP) in 2002. He worked as a posdoc in Silicon Radiation Lab. Department of Physics Galilleo Galillei from Sept.2002 to Sept 2003. He came back to work in IHEP, CAS since Oct. 2003.
Areas of Research: Electronics, ASIC
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He has been working for electronics system design for many years. He joined the design of Electromagnetic Calorimeter electronics system and Main Drift Chamber electronics system design for BESIII upgrade. He joined Daya Bay Reactor Neutrino Experiment and in charge of electronics/trigger/DAQ/Slow Control subsystem. He has been doing multichannel ADC system and FPGA base data preprocessing and gained experience on large detector readout electronics system design and maintenance. He started research on high density detector readout ASIC design since 2005 and several frontend ASIC chips developed successfully. More than 20 papers published.

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