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Wang ShuHong
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Wang ShuHong


Shuhong Wang, male, born in 1941, graduated from the Physics Department of Zhejiang University in 1964. 1964-1972, worked at the China Institute of Atomic Energy (CIAE). Worked at the Institute of High Energy Physics (IHEP) since 1973. Was visiting scientist at DESY (1983-1985, 1988 and 1999) and KEK (1999-2000). Was Deputy Director of IHEP and Deputy Director of BEPC National Laboratory (1993-1998).
Areas of Research:  Accelerator Physics
Achievement and Experience:
In1980’s, in charge of the successful design and construction of the Beijing 35 MeV Proton Linac, which obtained the 1st class price of the China National Science & Technology Development in 1991. This linac had been operated in about 20 years for the studies on nuclear physics, medical isotope production and fast neutron therapy. In1980’s, as a Fellow of German Humboldt Foundation and as a visiting scientist worked at DESY, to join the HERA project, in charge of the physical design of the RFQ, 50 MeV proton linac, and their commissioning. In 1994-1998, in charge of the BEPC upgrade and operation, its peak and accumulated luminosity raised year by year. In 2000-2007, joined the BEPCII project, in charge of the physical design and commissioning of the 1.89 GeV electron linac. In the recent years, joined the studies and designs on the FEL and ERL, in charge of the conceptual design of the IHEP ERL Test Facility, and join the design and construction of the 500 keV photocathode DC-Gun. Published the book of 《Principle of Proton Linear Accelerator》 by China Atomic Energy Press in 1986 (in Chinese), and published about 50 research papers. As a Professor of the University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, to give the lectures on the Accelerator Physics, and fostered some PhD students. Was a member of the International Committee of Future Accelerator (ICFA, 1992--1998) and a member / secretary of the Asian Committee of Future Accelerator。

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