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Tao Ye
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Tao Ye


Ye Tao, male, born in 1969. Ph.D. in Analytic Chemistry, Univ.of Science and Technology of China, 1996. 1997-1999, postdoctoral fellow, Beijng Synchrotron Radiation Facility, Institute of High Energy Physics (IHEP).
Areas of Research: Instrumentation on VUV and X-ray static and dynamic methods
Achievement and Experience:
VUV instrumentation: group leader of 4B8 VUV beamline since 1999; leader for upgrade of VUV beamline and station, 2006-2008; development and upgrade of VUV circular dichroism spectrometer and VUV excited fluorescence spectrometer, 1999-present; development of the remote access to fluorescence detection, open to users since 2009; development of fluorescence lifetime detection excited by VUV light from a designated bunch, 2010-2011; organizer and program chair of the 2nd international workshop on synchrotron radiation circular dichroism spectrosocopy, 2009. X-ray instrumentation: group leader for ultrafast X-ray program, R&D of Beijing Advanced Photon Source (BAPS), 2009-present; devlopment of ultrafast XRD based on laser driven plasma femtosecond source, 2010-present; development of hard X-ray magnetic circular dichroism, 2002-2004.