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Tang, JingYu
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Tang, JingYu


Jingyu Tang, male, born in 1963, Ph. D. in physics, Institute of Modern Physics (IMP), CAS. 1989-1990, trainee at GANIL laboratory, Caen, France; 1990-1993, Junior physicist at Antoine Lacassagne Centre, Nice, France; 1993-2001, IMP, CAS; 2001-2004, Guest Scientist at Juelich Research Center, Germany; 2004-now, researcher at IHEP, CAS.
Areas of Research:Particle accelerator physics and technology, beam applications
Achievement and Experience:
Before 2001, worked in large-scale cyclotrons, including design, construction and operation. During the period at IMP, participated in and later took charge of the operation and upgrading of the heavy-ion accelerator facility - HIRFL, and also took part in the design of HIRFL-CSR project. After 2001, changed to high-intensity proton accelerators. In Germany, took part in the design of European Spallation Neutron Source (ESS) and was responsible for the physics design of the beam transport lines. Since 2003, a major role in the design, R&D and construction of China Spallation Neutron Source (CSNS). He also initialed and has been promoting the multiple beam applications at CSNS. Since 2011, also a major role in the China Accelerator-driven System (C-ADS) Project by leading the physics design of the driver linac. Published more than fifty papers in SCI journals, one book (Theory and Design of Cyclotrons), chapters in two books, and owns five invention patents. Received Special Allowance of the State Council in 1998.

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