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Song, LiMing
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Song, LiMing


Liming Song,male,born in 1964. Ph.D. at Nanjing University in 1994. Engage in postdoctoral research at IHEP from 1994 to 1996. Since 1996, worked at IHEP. During 1998 to 1999, studied as a visit scholar at RIKEN(Japan).
Areas of Research: high energy astrophysics, astronomy satellite data analysis
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Engaged in the high energy astrophysics research and astronomy satellite data analysis for a long time. Analyzed the relation between the gamma-ray energy spectrum index and the cascade process of high energy photons emission form polar cap in the magnetosphere; Identified some gamma-ray pulsar candidates, which were later confirmed by Fermi satellite. Lucubrated the application of direct demodulation imaging method to different kinds of detectors, and developed a new method to control the noise in LUCY iteration imaging process. Found a new point source of anomalous X-ray pulsars in the center of SNR RX J1838.4-0301, and obtained its properties from ASCA and ROSAT observation data. Presently take part in the development of HXMT (Hard X-ray Modulation Telescope) , the first astronomy satellite of china. Specific responsibility is the head of the team for HXMT science ground segment.

Research Outputs

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