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Qian, HaiJie
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Qian, HaiJie


Haijie Qian, male, born in 1971, B.S. in 1992, Electronics Department of South-east university. Joined IHEP at the same year. Research fellow in Singapore synchrotron light source, National university of Singapore from 2001 to 2003. Promoted to senior engineer in 2011.
Areas of Research: Beamline technology of synchrotron radiation, synchrotron radiation experimental instrumentation.
Achievement and Experience:
Worked in Beijing synchrotron radiation facility (BSRF) for more than twenty years, mainly engaged in beamline construction and the improvement of instrumentation in photoelectron spectroscopy experimental station. Completed the VUV biological ultraviolet spectroscopy beamline reconstruction in BSRF, designed and reconstructed 4B9B photoelectron spectroscopy beamline, completed the scientific equipment repair and performance improvement project supported by CAS – “BSRF photoelectron spectroscopy experimental station reconstruction”. In charged of the construction of SINS (surface interface and nono-structure) Beamline when worked in the synchrotron radiation light source at the National university of Singapore. Meanwhile, cooperate and participate user’s research, by helping users experiment setup, establishing a variety of experimental conditions in the BSRF. Current projects include the pre-research on the high energy resolution monochromator and design of spectrum experimental station for high pressure based on Shanghai light source.

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