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Liu ShuLin
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Liu ShuLin


Shulin Liu, male, born in 1963, gained master's degree from Department Physics of the East China University of Science and Technology in 1990. Worked Successively in special fiber optic research laboratory and in photoelectric imaging research laboratory in the No. 205 Research Institute (Xi'an Institute of Applied Optics) of China North Industries Group Corporation, then worked in North Night Vision technology Co., Ltd; And then were employed in LLL device center of North Night Vision Technology Group in Xi’an; went into the High Energy Physics Institute of the Chinese Academy of Science in December 2011.
Areas of Research: photoelectric (containing particles) detection and imaging
Achievement and Experience:
Has long been engaged in the R&D of microchannel plate, pilot and production. In the development of high performance microchannel plate process, explored making process of the MCP with solid rim which can be withstood 500 degrees at vacuum baking , the results won the third prize in the first technology and skill level innovation contest of China North Industries Group Corporation in 2010. Batch production of microchannel plate with 6 micron pore which were not only to meet the needs of national defense construction, but also exported in large quantities, the products quality and rate have reached the international advanced level, the project won the first prize of Science and Technology of the China North Industries Group Corporation in 2006.  Participated in the research of the third generation image intensifier and ICCD, and conducted very fruitful work in reducing equivalent background and developing product standards. Has completed 20 research projects, applied for 5 patents, and published more than 30 papers since 1990. At present, be responsible for the development of large dimension microchannel plate photomultiplier and the project carries out well.

Research Outputs

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