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Ling Yi
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Ling Yi


Yi Ling, male, born in 1972. Ph.D. in 2001 from the Pennsylvania State University. Visiting research associate in Imperial College, Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics and KEK from 2000 to 2002.
Areas of Research: Gravity and Astrophysics
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 His research interests mainly focus on the quantum theory of gravity, black hole physics, cosmology and theoretical high energy physics. He has published more than 40 academic papers associated with a total number of citations over 800. He was rewarded with the provincial prize for natural science twice.
He originally proposed the notion of supersymmetric spin network in the field of loop quantum gravity and successfully apply it to the non-perturbative quantization of supergravity. Under this framework, he fix the Immirzi parameter in loop quantum gravity through the study of quasinormal modes of black holes. He has systematically investigated the impacts of generalized uncertainty principle and modified dispersion relations on the thermodynamics of black holes as well as the extremely early universe, originally proposing a notion of rainbow universe. He has also extensively studied the holographic nature of gravity, and recently our focus is on the applications of holographic gravity to the condensed matter theory.

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