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Li JingYuan
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Li JingYuan


Jingyuan Li,male,born in 1980. He received his PhD degrees in Physics at Zhejiang Universty in 2007. He joined the Institute of High Energy Physics in 2011, after working as postdoctoral research scientist at the Chemistry Department, Columbia University with Bruce Berne.
Areas of Research: Computational Chemistry, Computational Biology
Achievement and Experience: He used Molecular Dynamics (MD) simulation method to study the behavior of water molecules in the nanoscopic confinement and at the liquid-solid interface, together with a variety of important biological processes. His research includes the unfolding process of protein under external force, the molecular mechanism about the protein mechanical stability, the transportation of water molecules within nanoscopic confinement and the method to control the behavior of confined water. His research works have been published in Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, J. Am. Chem. Soc, etc. His current research interests are to study the interaction of nanomaterial with the biological molecules, i.e. protein, membrane, nucleci acid, probe the impact of carbon nanomaterial and gold nanomaterial to the structure and function of biological molecules, and investigate the corresponding molecular mechanism of the biological effect of nanomaterials.

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