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Kui, ReXi
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Kui, ReXi


Ibrahim Kurash, Uighur,male, born in 1956. 1992, Ph.D, graduated from University of Liege, Belgium; 1993 Feb. to 1994 Dec., postdoc in the institute of high energy physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences; 1994, promoted to associate professor; 2002.4—2002.6 visiting researcher in Lawrence Berkley National Lab, UAS; 2003.2—2003.5, visiting researcher in KEK and Hiroshima Synchrotron Radiation Lab; 2004.4—2006.5 visiting researcher in Physics Department of Montana State University, USA; 2006 promoted to full Professor.
Areas of Research: Applied synchrotron radiation research; Photoemission experimental techniques and method research.
Achievement and Experience: Over the years working at the Beijing Synchrotron Radiation Lab on the research, application and development of photoemission experimental techniques. 1993, got research startup fund support from the State Education Ministry’s foundation set up for the scholar returned from abroad; 1994, got financial support from China Post-Doctoral Study Foundation. I have presided over several research projects from both Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC). 1997—2000, a project named “Laser molecular beam epitaxy (L-MBE) growth of thin film and in situ property investigation applying synchrotron radiation” plus another subproject of “Application research of synchrotron radiation” were financially supported by CAS which led to the constraction of a pulsed laser MBE equipment attached to photoemission equipment and research activity deployment in the field of oxide thin film growth and in situ characterization. Completion of these two projects made the photoemission end station having ability to L-MBE oxide thin films and in situ carrying out photoelectron spectroscopic investigation. 2001—2003, got a grant from NSFC under the name of project “Electronic structural point of view investigate the generation mechanism of colossal magnetoresistance”; 2003—2005, presided a project of NSFC “Interaction mechanism investigation of endofullerene with rare earth metal inside ”. 2009—2012, presided a major project established by CAS for large scientific equipment’s maintenance and upgrade, the project was under the name “Upgrade of the BSRF photoemission equipment”, and as a result a comprehensive equipment has been built including in situ thin film growth, STM, sample treatment ability, low temperature high resolution state-of-the-art electron energy analyzer etc., and it has been passed acceptance test of CAS. Over the years I have published more than 100 scientific research papers independently or as coauthor.
Research interest: I‘m now in the direction of a newly approved project from NSFC under the foundation granted project name “Deconctruction the near edge absorption spectroscopy (2014—2017)”, the main goal of this project is to investigate paradoxes which might exist between near edge absorption spectra and the physical definitions of the spectra which are recognized and widely applied to interpret the experimental results since they are implemented in the seventies of last century in the field. Solution of the paradoxes is expected to help greatly in developing new types of experimental methods for electronic structure investigation. Furthermore, it is very likely that one might be able to have an insight on the quantum superposition (Schrödinger cat) state by its real processes of generation and deexcitation, and to bring about a breakthrough in the direction of experiment method of non-stationary state electronic structure measurement on the quantum mechanical level. 

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