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Fu, ShiNian
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Fu, ShiNian


Shinian Fu,born in 1956. Ph.D. at China Institute of Atomic Energy in 1999.In 1999 selected into CAS “Hundred Talent Program”, and now, deputy director of Accelerator Center, deputy manager of China Spallation Neutron Source project for accelerator.
Areas of Research: accelerator technology and its applications.
Achievement and Experience:
He worked in physics design study of particle accelerator and free electron laser during early 1980’s to early 1990’s. He proposed the concept of phase space model for light beam transmission in media and applied it to study optical guiding effect in FEL. He made detailed study in the sideband instability of intense-beam FEL oscillator and the accelerator noise effect on the performance of FEL. He developed a beam extraction code for plasma ion source when he worked at HIMAC heavy ion accelerator for therapy in Japan. He designed and developed RF chopper used in J-PARC project with a high-level performance. In “973 Project” for clear nuclear energy basic research, he led a group of scientists and engineers to design and built the first high-intensity proton RFQ accelerator in China. Its performance is better than specification and in the front of the world.
He has a wide international collaboration. He worked at NIRS of Japan in 1992-1993 for the development of ECR ion source for HIMAC project, under the support of STA Fellowship. He was in charge of the MEBT design of J-PARC linac during 1997-1999, serving as a guest researcher of KEK. Granted with European Fellowship in 2001, he worked on intense-beam RFQ development at INFN for the Italian ADS program TRASCO. Now he serves as a member of the International Advisory Committee for J-PARC of Japan and a member of the Accelerator Technology Advisory Committee for RISP project of Korea.
He completed a program of nuclear science foundation and was in charge of the “973 Project” intense-beam accelerator research. He managed a CAS major fundamental research program and a CAS knowledge innovation program for intense-beam physics research. Under his headship, more than 20 R&D items for CSNS project has been completed under the support from CAS and Guangdong province. Now he is in charge of the CSNS accelerator design and construction. He was granted with one national award for science and technology progress and other three awards. His has total publications about 150 papers with 50 SCI included.

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