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Feng, WeiYue
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Feng, WeiYue


Weiyue Feng, female, born in 1967. She received her Ph.D. from Institute of High Energy Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1998. She is currently a PI of inorganic chemistry and biological chemistry in Center for Multi-disciplinary Research of Institute of High Energy Physics.
Areas of Research: Application of nuclear analytical techniques in the study of chemical biology and metallomics/metalloprotein; biological and toxicological study of nanomaterials.
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Dr. Weiyue Feng has been a principle investigator or as a main researcher participated in several projects including the National Basic Research Program of China (973 program); the Major Program of National Natural Science Foundation; the Key Program of National Natural Science Foundation; the General Program of National Natural Science Foundation and the CAS Knowledge Innovation Program. She has published more than 100 peer-reviewed scientific articles of which over 70 have been published in SCI-cited journals. The SCI papers have been cited more than 850 times. She has also participated in writing 6 books. In the scientific research work, she studied the cute or subcute toxicity of several metal and metal oxide nanomaterials in the early 2006. She has established methods based on multiple nuclear analytical techniques, including isotopic trace technique, synchrotron radiation based microbeam X-ray fluorescence, X-ray absorption spectrometry, etc., for the study of absorption, accumulation, transportation, transformation and excretion of nanomaterials in vivo. She has developed a new method for the quantitative analysis of metalloproteins/proteins and applied the method for the study of toxicity of heavy metals and nanoparticles in biological system. Currently, she is focused on the study of mechanisms of chemical-biological interactions of nanoparticles (and ultrafine particles) and heavy metals (Hg, Cr, etc.) in biological systems.

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